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Beeman R7 Air Rifle, No Sights air Rifle Review


Ever since the introduction in the 1500s, air rifles have been widely used across the world by people for several purposes, including sporting, hunting, and warfare. These days mostly three types of gun designs are used including spring-piston, pneumatic, and bottled compressed gas (most commonly carbon dioxide). The air rifle launches projectiles pneumatically using air or gas that is compressed and not like a firearm that pressurizes the gases chemically. Most people know that air guns are used at Olympics too at Olympic 10 m Air Rifle and 10 m Air Pistol events. After reviewing different pistols, we thought it would be great to look at the air rifles. So for our first review, we decided to take an in-depth look into the features and functionality of Beeman R7.

Beeman R7 Air Rifle is simple yet a fantastic rifle that can be used by people with different experiences. When you look at the glitz and glam of today's air rifles, you are bound to look for something powerful enough to help you perform different tasks. When it comes to the looks, the Beeman R7 will remind many professional airgun owners of the R1 Supermagnum. Yes, it is smaller than Supermagnum. What Beeman did, in this case, it took the design of Supermagnum and trimmed off some inches and weight and created the R7. But, that's not the only significant difference; you will also find that this one uses different pellets.

When we first used the rifle, we found it to be quite surprising for its size and weight. But, the Beeman R7 focuses on new users and youth, so that's not a huge problem. The lightweight and compact size make the gun more comfortable to hold for shooters of all ages and sizes. The air rifle is considered fantastic by many shooters, but it didn't carter attention of people because of its low velocity. But, it doesn't mean quality. There are several pointers which become beneficial when we consider things like recoil and sensitivity.

Today, we will be looking at the Beeman R7 Air Rifle and understanding if it is worth purchasing or not. So without further ado, let us jump on the review.

Product Overview: Beeman R7 Air Rifle

Caliber: 0.20" (5.0mm)

Max Velocity: 620 fps

Barrel Length: 15.5"

Overall Length: 38.5"

Weight: 6.1 lbs

Function: Single-shot

Manufacturer: Beeman
beeman r7 review

Beeman R7 Air Rifle arrived at us in beautiful packaging. The company mentioned a lot of things on the outside of the package. As usual, we were excited to look at the items sent by Amazon with the air rifle. Understanding the components and going through the instruction manual are two things which we would ask you to do before you start using the airgun. We were happy that no damage was done to the product - special thanks to Amazon for the splendid service.

As we said earlier, the Beeman R7 Air Rifle is a customized version of another gun manufactured by Beeman themselves. According to many professionals, it is one of the finest standard sporting air rifles available in the market currently. It weighs just over six pounds with smooth firing action and high accuracy. Most of the straight shooters prefer using Beeman R7 Air rifle because of the punches it packs. Though many users have complained regarding the velocity, it is quite close to HW30s. The company has included iron sights that are well thought out and constructed with precision.

Construction: Now, when it comes to an air rifle, it is quite essential to understand its structure, so that you can use it more precision. The Beeman R7 is a break-barrel spring piston-powered air rifle. Weihrauch built this rifle in Germany, so you don't need to worry about the build quality. The gun feels quite sturdy and precise when you hold it. The size of the rifle is quite compact and is highly portable. The lightweight nature makes it easier for shooters of all sizes and ages to carry. Another positive is that the gun's barrel is short, and the user can point the target with ease. The focus of the gun's balance is focused on rearward, which means it is quite balanced. Now, when you look at the stock, then you may find it quite simple. The company gave a perfect steel finish as usual. The rifle operates and looks quite similar to a miniature R1. Why did we say this? Well, it has many features that are inherited from R1 like Rekord trigger, which is considered to be the best. The company has set it at 2.5 pounds give or take. A user can easily adjust it using the screw behind the trigger guard. You need to turn the screw counterclockwise to reduce the pull - be careful because the adjustment is quite sensitive.

Double Jointed Cocking Lever: As we mentioned earlier, the Beeman R7 is a break barrel gun. It uses a double-jointed cocking lever so that you don't need to make much effort while cocking the gun. The best part is that you can do it with half the power required than what it takes for R1. The cocking aim is a mere 18 pounds, and that's a big leap for any shooter. The double-jointed cocking lever also makes the rifle manageable for almost every shooter irrespective of size and age.

Trigger Pull Weight: Now, we have discussed the fantastic trigger that comes with Beeman R7. It weighs only 1.25 pounds. If you use guns regularly, you might know that this is quite light in terms of trigger pull. The trigger pull weight is perfect for all the tasks that you would want to perform with the rifle. The trigger of the gun is a two-stage model; it gives you a little additional weight to avoid setting off. This is quite useful for users who are just starting.

Scopes: The Beeman R7 Air Rifle is excellent as it can be scoped. Though the only problem is that it will require an 11mm Dovetail mount, when it comes to iron sights, the air rifle is already equipped with a set of adjustable sights made of iron. When we first tested it, we liked how it functioned, and also because they can be used to teach proper marksmanship. The gun is lightweight, has a short length of pull, and reduced cocking effort. It makes an excellent rifle for new users.

One of the things that disappointed us is the output when .177 pellet is used. When you throw a .177 bullet at 700 feet per second, then the result isn't all that impressive. There are a few considerations that you need to take into account when you go with a youth-sized gun. I would make it clear that if you are going to use R7 as the airgun, then it is not quite right though it is the perfect gun for marksmanship.

Some of the safety pointers that you should keep in mind:

- You need to make sure that you always point the head of the rifle in a safe direction. The company even recommends to not shoot at water or any sturdy object. It is because pellet coming at reverse speed would cause harm.

- It is recommended not to use steel shots or any other things like darts. If you do, then it may cause damage to the rifle bored. You also need to make sure that you should use lead pellets and do not reuse them.

- The cocking mechanism of any gun is complicated, but it's not the case with Beeman R7. Though still it is advised not to release it because sudden closure can cause serious injuries.

- It is recommended to try to wear a protective glass when shooting.

- Another thing that Beeman asks its customers is to keep the gun uncocked when they are not using it.

- The company offers trigger adjustment feature, but it is recommended to keep it the same because some changes may cause problems.

The Beeman R7 air rifle is, without a doubt, the most excellent intermediate sporting air rifle available anywhere. We want to say that you would enjoy shooting with this rifle. Once the gun is in your hands, you will agree with our point. When I first used it, I didn't put it down for a long time. It is just a shade over six pounds and is easy to pack around and take it to the field. The gun packs plenty of punch with velocities reaching 700 fps in the .177 caliber version. The R7 is extremely accurate and has an enjoyable, smooth firing action. The R7 is a favored rifle among Shooters. The R7 is a break barrel gun, which means it uses a double-jointed cocking lever. It is something that helps in reducing the effort needed to cock the weapon, which becomes quite useful for beginners. You only need half the strength of what it takes for the R1. The cocking effort made is just 18 pounds and not 36, like in the R1. This makes it easier for nearly any shooter responsible enough to own air rifle.

Pros of Beeman R7 Air Rifle:

- The air rifle is quite excellent value and has everything that a beginner or an experienced shooter needs.

- It is perfect for someone who is looking for a .177 caliber target air gun.

- If you want to shoot up to 30 meters, then the gun is favorable as it can easily make some perfect dents.

- It weighs just over six pounds with smooth firing action and high accuracy, and that's why most Straight Shooters prefer it.

- The scopes and sights are adjustable, which allow you to integrate things like different scopes or views on the integrated dovetail.

- The air rifle is highly economical, and when it comes to velocity, you will not be disappointed if you use different pellets.

- Beeman manufactures the gun, and every part is designed to precision so that the users don't face any issue while shooting.

- The air rifle has a lightweight design. It weighs just over six pounds, which makes it easier for the user to handle and face no fatigue after using it.

- Beeman R7 Air Rifle has less recoil as compared to the guns in a similar price range.

Cons of Beeman P17 Air Pistol:

- The cocking mechanism of the gun is awkward when you first start using it.

- The built quality is not that great. It could've been improved as some user reviews suggest that it wear off after usage.

beeman r7 elite

Final thoughts on Beeman R7 air rifle:

We have reviewed several air rifles and airguns in the recent past, and we would say that it is awesome at least considering the features and price. We were quite amazed by the accuracy as we were able to hit the targets every time. Other than this, the .177 caliber pellets work fine, not great, with the air rifle, and you can opt for something else if it suits. It may not be perfect but works fantastically. The air rifle as we talked earlier has some flaws, and that cannot be ignored. We would recommend you to take them into consideration before you think about purchasing a new air rifle. You need to make sure that the rifle performs to its expectation by maintaining it properly from time to time. We didnt face any severe issue while reviewing the rifle, and nothing was mentioned by the customers. After spending around three-four weeks with the Beeman R7, we would say that it is one of the best airguns that you can purchase in the price range. We have tried to mention everything that you need to know about the pistol that you need to know before purchasing, but still, if there's any doubt, you can hit us up. If you are confident about your usage and this falls under your range, then go ahead and purchase the Beeman P17.

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