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Beeman RS2 Air Rifle Combo Review


Air rifles have ever been tools oftener than toys. Tools for hunting means for target shooting and weapons for war. In evidence, air rifles may be the extraordinary gun story of all. Air rifles offered significant improvements over their black powder counterparts. They were calm, even though not as high as you might expect, didn't make enormous volumes of white smoke and were often sharper on the follow-up hit. Some air rifles could fire 20 times from their pre-charged air reservoirs. Since then, the adult air rifle market has flourished. The guns concentrated on their incredible accuracy possible, but scientific advances have produced the air rifle back to where it took off like powerful hunting ammunition. Big bore air rifles are already again being utilized to take not only squirrels and rabbits but the bigger game. Opportunities for stepping the fields with a weapon for an occasional afternoon of target shooting have declined. But air guns have cleared that gate for a wholesome new breed. What could be a better way than killing a summer afternoon?

So I settled it was an occasion to opt for a.22 air rifle. A couple of weeks back, I was on Amazon looking around the sporting goods department. I had wished to purchase some 22lr ammo. Then, I encountered the Beeman Sportsman RS2 Dual Caliber Air Rifle, which showed up with a.177 a barrel, a.22 a barrel, and a scope! It looked impressive, and at just under 100 bucks, what a game! Without further ado, here is the substantial analysis.

The Beeman Sportsman RS2 is a robust and perfect air rifle is of high excellence for such a modest financial need. The produce and behaviour of the RS2 rival many designs of higher cost, and serves as a perfect addition to the pellet gun world or a worthwhile supplement to a broader assemblage.

Beeman RS2 created for further than just target kill. Small games such as squirrels, birds, rabbits, and even raccoons will diminish swiftly to the RS2 1000 FPS is a flat spot for firing speed. Just below the pace of sound, effectively will be a substantial contraction in a blast from not troubling the noise barrier. It's complex to discover an inexpensive pellet rifle made with some quality timber. Most of the stage, the discount in value will appear along with an integrate of plastics. Somehow this is not the argument with the RS2, as the timber is magnificent with a beautiful appearance. Beeman RS2 focuses on different purchasers and teen, so that's not a massive headache. The lightweight and compact size represent the Rifle more pleasant to operate for shooters of all ages and heights. The air rifle is considered fantastic by many shooters.

Today, we will review at the Beeman RS2 Air Rifle and understanding if it is worth purchasing or not. So without further fuss, let us jump on the review.

Product Overview: Beeman Rs2 Air Rifle

Loudness: 3-Medium

Weight: 6.90 lbs

Overall Length: 45.50

Capacity: 1 round(s)

Cocking Effort:31 lbs

Barrel: Rifled

Front Sight: Fiber Optic

Rear Sight: Fiber Optic

Scop: 11mm dovetail

Trigger adj.: Two-stage non-adjustable

Approx Trigger Pull: 3.50 lbs

Buttpad: Rubber

Suggested for: Small game hunting/plinking

Action: Break barrel

Power plant: Spring-piston

Safety: Automatic

Repeater: Single-shot

Body: Rifle

The Beeman RS2 is a Traditional looking rifle. It ships with front and rear fibre optic sights and a 432 scope. Guns scope is parallax which is not adjustable like some other entry-level scopes, so anything inside 15 to 20 yards is blurred. It is functional, but it will need replacing down the line to get the most out of the airgun if there's more that it offers.

It wears a beautiful stock that looks and feels as if it should be on a much more expensive gun the sights "look" careful with target sights. When you put on the scope, the entire package comes together; the Beeman RS2 looks like a very stylish, classy rifle. Red fibre optic front sight and green fibre back which is fully adaptable. The 4x32 scope will help you get the perfect accuracy possible from the Rifle. Every part fits flawlessly inside the included soft carrying case. Velcro tie-down straps secure the barrels, Rifle, scope & rings to stop things from shifting during transport.

Beeman makes the Rifle from steel and wood and comes in an ambidextrous stock. It feels excellent and rugged has a good weight and pulls to the shoulder comfortably. I've done a little bench shooting and freehand, and it feels equally comfortable.

Rifle's trigger is the RS2 variant, which is superior to some others at this price point. There's a change for pull weight and two screws that adjust aspects of the 1st and 2nd stages. While you can modify the trigger's various attributes, the pull is bumpy, and you can detect "hitches" in the parts as you slowly squeeze through the shot. Not an issue when in the field, but it's very noticeable when shooting from the bench.

What makes this Rifle different is that it exports with 2 barrels; one is .177, and the alternative being .22. There's a set screw at the rear of the tail block that centres and keeps the barrel in rank. So far it has remained steady and looks to do the task of managing the barrels centred remarkably well. The spring power is a 1000 FPS class structure that should deliver.177 lead pellets downrange at the exhibited 1000 FPS. The modern convention represents that this should set the.22 calibre pellets downrange at up to 800 FPS. A more pragmatic sum should be about 790 FPS.

In keeping with modern trends, the stock is ambidextrous with no raised cheekpieces, but it has a rubber butt pad with a concave surface, holding the gun into your shoulder well. An unusual feature is a plastic Beeman badge attached to the stock just above the trigger on the left. The pistol grip of the stock is thick and is swept back quite a way making for a long reach to the trigger blade. It is an adult airgun, suited to larger hands, which fits in with the general stock dimensions with the length of pull being 14", just a smidge longer than average, and adding to the feeling of a large gun.

Real springer Cocking is easy in part because the barrel is long (18") and also because these rifles work at higher power. What makes unusual in this Rifle that it uses a conventional spring-piston power plant when almost every other Rifle today is changing to a gas-ram. On top of the cylinder, there's a traditional rail of scope machined in with a very welcome recoil arrestor. All springers need one, and I'm happy to see Beeman spec's one here. Beeman used to offer plates that covered the mounting screw holes that were left when we fitted scopes and removed the open sights. On the RS2 they go the top of the breech block plain, keeping the looks neat.

Another accessory Beeman championed was a barrel weight that was a combined cocking aid and muzzle brake. It's questionable if a brake affects an airgun, especially a spring/piston one, but you have to admit it looks good. On the range, I found the recoil cycle to be just what I'd expected, being soft and long with just a hint of spring vibration after the shot was away. They set the trigger to be slightly firm with quite a prolonged second stage, but it wasn't unpleasantly heavy, as many rifles at this price range are. Again this is a sensible precaution for a gun likely to be used by inexperienced shooters, preventing the weapon from being fired by accident.

I'm sure a skilled gunsmith could improve the trigger's action if you find your skills improving, but for the duration of my review, I left it as it came from the box. Bright and clear included in the kit is a Beeman branded 3-9 x 32 scope, which was bright and clear when I was using it on a sunny day. The elevation and windage adjusters tracked predictably, making zeroing simple, just as it should be.

The mounts that come with it are dull aluminium jobs that fitted correctly and didn't move or work loose, and there was even a hex key included for the job. For the accuracy review, I took a tin of my standard test ammo, the Air Arms Field, and after zeroing the Rifle shot some groups from a soft padded rest. Groups hovered around 1" at 25 yards right up there with other rifles in this class.

beeman rs2 sportsman

Uses - Authentic and straightforward; this is an all-purpose gun. It's a high backyard weapon and an OK hunting rifle too. It is perfect for pest control, especially given the fact that it's so cheap. I wouldn't recommend this as a child's first weapon. The recoil and impeccability needed to use it more effectively (finding the right hold, etc.) will be too overwhelming for a young kid. Not to mention the effort to cock the Rifle

Weight and Endurance - This Rifle is robust if you're proposing to firring it all period. Weighing in at a massive 6.90 pounds, it's perhaps not something you'll be firring for many hours. Your arm will possibly kill you, but if you're capable of, more strength to you! The Rifle looks to be reliable, but I wouldn't leave into the woods with it. There's just something about it that implies unpredictable. I consider it is the piston shaking inside and I can't say I promote that. I unquestionably wouldn't wish to drop this gun. Not to acknowledge the wood stock would get spoiled.
beeman rs2 mods

Some safety pointers that you should keep in mind:

  • Do not breathe the dust from lead pellets or put lead pellets in the mouth. Wash hands after handling lead. Lead bullets contain lead, a chemical known to cause cancer and congenital disabilities (or other reproductive harm).
  • Do not assume your gun unloaded if it does not fire accurately! Never leave your airgun loaded.
  • Keep the air rifle on SAFE until you're ready to shoot, then push the safety OFF.
  • Be sure of your aim and know what's behind or near your goal. If a projectile or ricochets, stop shooting immediately and change your backstop. Always wear protective eyewear. Keep finger off the trigger until the gun pointed in a safe direction and you're ready to shoot.

Verdict - The Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 is a considerable deal at just under $ 100. It looks considerably, and it shoots pretty well, but accuracy is far from stellar. I can't say anything good about the sights on the gun, but once you get the scope appropriately adjusted, it's accurate. It's only hitched inaccuracy is the low-quality scope and scope mounts. Power is excellent and will take any small game and would work even better for pests such as rats. I'm not exactly sure about the more massive game like a raccoon, but I would self-assured go for squirrels, rabbits, rats, etc. with this Rifle. It's a heavy rifle and not something you'll want to shoot all day, but it shouldn't be too much of a concern for a teen or adult with average strength. If you're looking for a cheap, high-quality gun (remember that you get what you pay for), the Beeman Sportsman Series RS2 is a perfect air rifle for you.

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