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Benjamin Armada Air Rifle air Rifle Review


Are you looking for a versatile air rifle good for all purposes then Benjamin Armada Air Rifle is the one you must go for. It consists of 30 rounds in each fill and is very modular in design. It consists of a reversible bolt action. They are easy to control and fire and are total fun if you know just how to use it. Aiming is primarily the first thing which you must practice on and then the firing follows. Allow the gun to relax on your free arm rather than resting it on sandbags. You can grip the gun in your hand and then you can rest it then on the sandbags. Make a shoulder contact with the butt pad of the Benjamin Armada Air Rifle. The shouldered grip must not be firm and tight, make it a loose grip so that the recoil does not injure you. Bring a slight contact of your cheek to the stock comb. You must need to give a retreating space to the air rifle in order to shoot properly hitting the right aim. Try and hold the air rifle in the same position after every shot as the vibration and the retreat will differ for every continuous shot. If you are planning on holding the gun too tight then you might injure yourself with the counter-recoils of the air gun. As stated above, it happens due to different vibrations for every shot. In this article, you will know about the steps on how to use Benjamin Armada Air Rifle.

Steps to use Benjamin Armada Air Rifle

  • The first step which you need to follow is to aim small at the beginning. Learn to aim small initially by doing which you will miss less. Most users plan on taking bigger aims or whatever they like to and the shot will follow their way. It is not the case as every shot produces counter recoil and vibration which increases the size of the group making it difficult to aim. Always go for readjusting your scope after every couple of rounds to align the aim point and the impact point same. Choose the right weight and length as Benjamin Air Rifle is just the right one for you with ample length and weight. You can also start with Benjamin marauder pistol to practice aiming as it has less recoil and vibration which would teach you to aim better. For air rifles, make sure you have the strength and the right posture to hold you air gun parallel to the floor at 90 degrees without using any support of sandbags. Sandbags are optional but you need to start practicing without them to be the best shooter of air rifles. Use small paper targets so that you can put your full focus on tearing it down at the exact point by hitting it with one shot. The finer your grip will be the shot will be accurate accordingly.
  • Second step is to understand the shooting groups. Fire a small number of shots but try to make it hit accurately. Benjamin Air rifle is primarily a ten shot group gun. The lesser the shots the smaller becomes the group. Use bore-sight to aim better as if you are using Benjamin Air rifle. Boresight is done by slightly breaking the barrel of the air rifle. After doing so, you can now look down in the barrel to being better. Use the barrel look to make more accurate aims and line them all up and go for the shot. Do not use the barrel end for looking as it might cause damage to the eyes. Boresight is not essential for other air guns such as Benjamin wildfire or Benjamin Sheridan. Most of the air rifles including Benjamin Air rifles are for right-handed users. So, prefer to tucking it onto your right shoulder at a comfortable position. There are other left-hand rifles by Benjamin who are left handlers and cannot handle a right-handed gun. As stated above, use a real-like paper target that is slightly resistant to shots other than the copier papers. You just need to print your target on the paper and go for it according to your groups, either large or small. These special papers are little costly but are more beneficial when you are practicing your air gun. They help in delivering high aim accuracy with exact holes to monitor your training sessions. Use pellets if you prefer real targets and use a wad-cutter pellet as it gives the most efficient outcome. They are the sole reason for cutting round holes on the target which helps you to measure your score and distance between your shot and bulls eye.
  • While you aim, consider keeping your fingers away from the trigger as you might accidentally shoot in a different direction. Mind that your other hand must also follow the same forward direction and do not touch the barrel while you aim or fire. It might shift the course of the gun. Instead of looking down at the air rifle move your body such that the rifle remains across the body and which makes you face side-on towards the target. Tilt your head slightly o look through the barrel and aim comfortably. The best thing you could do before using Benjamin Air rifle is to go through the instructions manual. Learn the instructions on how to use the particular sight of this air rifle. Without a scope, you get an iron sight which is a small metal piece at the end of the barrel. You need to line up your aim with this iron sight to cast your perfect shot. But without a scope, you are compromising 50% of your accuracy level. Using a scope is always going to give you a better aim than an iron notch sight. Being a beginner you can always use a scope to practice better. Go for selecting scopes with higher magnification and better reticles on them. If you are a professional and want to show off your shooting skills with just the iron sight then you are good to go but a scope can increase your shooting accuracy by more than 50%. Benjamin titan np and Benjamin trail np xl come with a pre-installed scope that helps you in practicing better shots. Benjamin Armada can also be equipped with a scope for better stability and aiming.
  • Use the formula of Breathe, rest and aim (B.R.A). Learn to breather between your shots, take deeper breaths and do not let it out in the mid-way. Hold your breath until you finish the next shot. Rest a bit while you are holding your breather and then pull the trigger slowly. Let the firing surprise you by pressing the trigger as slow as possible. If it does not amaze you that means you have pulled the trigger to fast to miss the aim and also the element of surprise. Most of the time, if you pull it hard you are eventually going to miss the target due to the reflex and vibration. Improvise your shots as if your shot lands too high the aim then go for aiming a little low and if it lands low consider holding it a little up. Similarly, it goes for the right and left disorientation. Use the right pellets as it matters a lot when you are using an air gun. Benjamin armada.22 caliber air gun uses the right pellets and gives out amazing results with the right firing speed.

These are the steps on how you can use the Benjamin Armada Air gun without much hassle. Now you need to know some of the benefits that you get from using an air rifle gun.

Benefits of using Benjamin Armada air rifle

Air rifles are best suitable if you are preparing for getting into police or military academy. Many people go for shooting air rifle just to enjoy it as a recreational activity. Practicing the use of an air rifle improves your health in both mental and physical aspects. Some of the benefits are:

  • It builds the physical discipline- It is the sport that not much people prefer. It develops your precise aiming, your overall physical strength, your stamina and your hand to eye coordination. It is very essential in life to acquire these health traits as sitting on your couch is not going to give you good health in the near future. With this discipline, you also develop the patience to achieve a goal which is going to help you not only in shooting but also in real life.
  • It builds your arm strength- Firing an air gun does not require that much strength in your arms as for firing a real gun. Beginners might require some amount of arm strength to fire Benjamin air gun. It improves your arm strength and makes it sturdy and stable. If you are planning for military or police then steady hands are going to make you stand out in the crowd there. Aiming and shooting require very stable arms and you will eventually develop it with regular practice.
  • It improves your focus- Shooting an air gun requires much of your eye to aim coordination which needs a lot of focus. It will help you to stay away from all the distractions while focusing just on the aim. Focus helps in all other works you do in your daily life. You can think better solutions and alternatives to the problems.
  • It helps in giving better mental discipline- Shooting an air gun is more preferably a mental sport. Experienced professionals use 90% of their mental strength in order to target the exact target. Your concentration levels are polished and sharpened with regular practice. You need to analyze logically and mathematically to hit the target perfectly. Air gun shooting also requires creative thinking to achieve your desired goals.

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  • Teaches Personal responsibility- Personal responsibility implies the idea of implementing skill and safety. It also delivers personal responsibility as a factor of personal liberty and security asset. It is beneficial for giving a sense of security to your family.
  • It builds confidence and courage- Shooting an air gun is considered as one of the most dangerous events for some people. You need proper training and guidance in order to master the use of Benjamin air gun. If you are not guided by experts still follow online guides in order to properly use the air gun. You will eventually build your courage after you successfully take two to three rounds. Hitting the right target boosts your confidence level in the sport.
  • It boosts your adrenaline- Holding an air gun can give you a similar feeling of holding a real gun and it generates a great adrenaline rush in your body. It boosts the energy levels and provides enough glucose to your muscles to function while shooting an air gun. An adrenaline rush is just like the fuel to your muscles.

The .22 caliber Benjamin air rifle is more powerful and takes accurate shots. It is too powerful but like other things in the world, it also comes with advantages and drawbacks. It has a higher impact and has great muzzle energy. It is said that higher the muzzle energy more is the knockdown power of the pellet. Benjamin Air gun is easy to use and follow on to the targets. It is good for small and medium-range targets. They are fast, unlike the other high caliber guns. One of the drawbacks of air guns is that the best is very limited and so is Benjamin Armada air rifle. If you are a beginner in shooting an air gun then you can definitely go for Benjamin air pistol which is smaller in size and is more precise to air single-handedly. Once your hand to eye coordination is set properly then you can switch on to air rifles. If you are willing to buy one today, then do remember the steps of use and the fruitful benefits of shooting an air rifle as it will motivate you to go for the deal.

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