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Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle Review


The Benjamin Trail NP XL1500 relates to the series from where many of other beautiful guns arrived. It is famous not only for its small caliber but also it delivers velocity in fast mode. This Gun provides much more and enough knockdown power, which makes you able to deal with pesky pests of your garden. This Gun withstands in any condition such as in cold terms and hot conditions. You feel proud while having it in your showcase area. It delivers unique performance during use. You have to take care of its standard fasteners and nut or bolts. Whereas this Gun is easy to use, it provides higher velocity rates as well, which make it very much usable.


The Benjamin Trail XL 1500 works on the feature of Piston with nitrogen technology. As the name suggests itself, it has a gas piston to produce power. This Gun is work on the same principle on which other guns are work. It has the ram with nitrogen inside rather than the coiled spring to make the force. Inside the chamber of the Gun, there is a cylinder with nitrogen and Piston. In this gun pressure force doing the work as there is already pressure held on the nitrogen inside the bottle and when we apply more on it when we cock it. Until we pull the trigger of Gun, this air in pressure is under tension. Such as an internal combustion engine works the same this happens with this Gun. The gas expanded and propelled the Piston when we fire. The Piston moves forward and swiftly come out from the port of transfer, which gives result here due to force from air under pressure pallet discharged from the barrel due to fuel.

The size of its caliber is .177which means 4.5 mm. You can shoot only one shot in a try due to its barrel is a break in a single shot. To make a second shot, you need to break the barrel and to reload it again. Its single shot function helps you to become a discipliner shooter. Because of its operation, you have only a unique chance to shoot correctly, so you will get to make your shot count.

Stock Design Of Gun:-

The stock of the Gun is beautiful and handsome. It has a hardwood stock to perform with forces which derived from its operations during the uses of the Gun. If you bother about the life span of the capital, then you have to rethink again. This stock refinished gain at any time when you need, which improves its lifespan. Its raised check pieces ensure reliable performance and straight position of eyes and allow alignment in continuity and adjustable shot. Its stock has a textured grip, which helps to get more friction with been Gun and hand when you shoot with a gun. It prevents slippage while shooting from the shooter and stay stable. To sling the Gun around you, it has already mounted a swivel stud on the Gun. Its stock provides you relaxation while griping on the part of the body on which it is resting the stock. Its design of thumbhole in stock is best usable for dedicated shooters and for people who are looking to spend much more time on shooting only.

Ammo of the Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500:-

Benjamin Trail NP gun has used the 0.177 pellets because this is only which can use in this. The 0.177 pallets are the chipset available in the market against the other sizes, and you buy a hundred of them because of the low cost and suitable for this Gun. If you have to go for more and more shooting ammo with the size of 0.177 is the best fit for you. These are easy to carry in traveling for shooting and making fun with the fire. It makes you comfortable in handling due to its lightweight and small size.

Cocking of Gun:-

First, you have to place Gun on the other side to avoid an incident during loading. Now expose the breach by holding the Gun by hand and firmly tap on the end of the muzzle. Grasp the muzzle end with resting the Gun on the upper thigh. Now to perform the cocking action continues till barrel is not pulled out.

Loading of pallet:-

After cocking with full breach now, you have to put the cot in the breech. Till its condition, pull the barrel till it locked makes you ready for the fire. During loading, you should take care of the Gun. Gun should not be in the direction towards you.

Accuracy, Velocity, and Power of Gun: -

The Gun is working with the velocity of 1500FPS in case of allowing pellet, and it has lead bullet then it works on the speed of 1250FPS. This highly extreme velocity of thE Gun makes it separate from the Gun available in the market. It gives some test results on thiS Piston

  • Air rifle delivers 1022 Foot Pound Seconds with pellets of 10.5 size Crossman premier.
  • It provides 1224 Foot Pound with Crossman premier 7.9 grains
  • It gives 1020 FPS with Barracuda H&N matched.

These results show the power of the Gun and make it a unique product from other guns. These results are closed to velocity which is displayed speed and if looking to the energy in the Gun produced up to 20 Foot pound which Gun can produce more from required power, which makes the shoots easy. Gun delivers the strength enough to catch small animals in the backyard. You should have confidence in thiS Gun to the place of the hunt or to make it use to solving the hunting issues. This product delivers accuracy as well while shooting on the site. Its velocity is a combination and withstands with its high power, which combined your reed and requirements during the shooting. Thanks to its beautiful design, it delivers massive performance in terms of power and velocity.

Sight capacity:-

The Gun doesn't come up with the iron sight. It neither has front view nor backside besides it comes with center point in size 3-9*40 AO scope where the 40 is diameter of front lens.3-9 is the magnification capacity of the range which can magnify the images 3-9 times bigger than the actual model with the help of adjustable objective that gives the clear and sharper picture of target. Its sight features let you make more efficient when you are in shooting with thiS Gun. You can efficiently shoot to the objects when you required shooting with its function to make images more significant than the actual you have seen.

The noise oF Gun:-

With its beautiful design, thiS Gun is not so much noise. This is quite Gun, which gives the performance and do the work silently. While shooting, you will not feel so much sound, which can disturb the animals on which you have to shoot as well as it can disrupt you also. So there is not to worry about the noise. This Gun acts in silent mode with generating less noise, which makes you more comfortable while using this. Noiseless operations give higher chances to make the shooting successful. You can shoot comfortable when you need it.
benjamin trail magnum xl np 22

Maintenance of Gun:-

Its simple design and craftsmanship gun requires little maintenance. You have to make sure only tighten all nuts and bolts it has, check the nuts, and review the mount scope to keep it functioning correctly. It is designed beautifully so that it has only fewer parts. With its fewer parts designed its spare replacement is very low, and you will need to replace only after any breakdown if there. Its fewer spares parts requirements make it under low prices and less operational cost.

Top-notch features of thE Gun:-

  • Its compact design makes lighter from other guns available in the market.
  • It haS Piston operated with nitrogen gas along with compressed air.
  • Its overall length is 48.25.
  • Its barrel length is 19.5.
  • It has handsome hardwood work.
  • It is easy to clock.
  • It is easy to handle during the shooting.
  • It is easy to carry along with other materials in traveling.
  • It delivers the highest velocity to grab the maximum output.
  • It delivers with high speed without any noise.
  • Its barrel is refilled steel with a spiral groove inside.
  • It's stock design is beautiful
  • You can shoot with is comfortably, either you are working with right side or with your left hand.
  • You can load thE Gun with light in weight weapons, which makes it lightweight and allowing you to make the shoot comfortable.
  • Its centrally mounted sight vision makes you able to see the image 3 to 9 times bigger than actual.
  • Its low maintenance makes it easy to use the product.
  • It s effective shooting range is up to 50 yards.
  • It's nitro piston makes it usable easy and comfortable.

This Gun is an innovative product with so many features it has. Its uniqueness and easy to use makes it good enough for household applications. It has higher velocity rates, which makes it usable during the shooting in the most natural way. ItS Piston supported with the nitrogen as well as compressed gas during the operation. Its maintenance-free operation makes it more affordable. It can be maintained with low maintenance with make sure that all the fasteners, bolts are correctly tightened. ThiS Gun makes you comfortable while you are traveling with its lightweight and designed in such a way where can be possible light material is used while manufacturing. It a noiseless gun which helps a lot to you even you can use it in your backyard. You can carry it easily with you while you are moving elsewhere along with thiS Gun. Its velocity and power make it a proper combination of performance, which can make it different from others. It delivers high power during shooting with it. Its has a nitro piston with the benefits as smoother cocking, smoother shooting, no any spring torque, no any spring fatigue, function appropriately in cold conditions, thiS Piston has the long life as compared to the spring. ThiS Gun features an ambidextrous thumbhole stock. It is providing a velocity up to 1500 fps with its 0.177 calibers this rugged break barrel boasts. Its beautiful design makes it a more reliable product.

With its considerable advanced technology, its price is meager and reasonable. Its handsome stock, supersonic velocity, magnum power, and other features. Its reasonable price makes it affordable as well.


Besides, the performance of thE Gun is impressive with its new design and technology. It delivers the high performance in every condition and whiles you traveling with this you won't feel it because of its lightweight. With its technology and a nitro piston and a nitrogen-filled disk makes it more reliable in terms of power and velocity. Its ram triggered with two forces one is compressed air, and another is a nitrogen-filled cylinder. This cylinder gives the power to the disk to increase its velocity. Its design makes it usable for so longer times as it is not the toy for kids. You feel proud when you own thiS Gun because of its uniqueness and performance. It helps you to do tasks of shooting or supports you in backyard applications to pull out the animals from the yard for from the agriculture lands which you owned. Its low maintenance feature makes it more affordable as it has a low maintenance cost. Once you own it, you do not need to worry about the maintenance of thE Gun. You can do its support easily by your right from your comfortable from the house. This product is worth buy for you while considering its features and price tags. It will make you feel proud of its quality and deliver performance with it.

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