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Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam HD Aggressor No Glow Trail Camera Review


Bushnell is an American company that got established in 1948 as a subsidiary of the imaging industry. The company has proven expertise in the manufacturing of optics product and outdoor sports equipment. It is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas and operates as a part of Vista Outdoor. The company emphasizes the production of Riflescopes, binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes, night vision goggles, laser finder, and GPS devices.

The history of the company will take us back to a certain gentleman, named David P. Bushnell in 1948 as he sold binoculars via mail order in California- which he had himself brought from Japan where he went for his honeymoon. For the first time, the American middle-class was able to afford binoculars as the company started selling them for cheap, after acquiring them from the manufacturers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan who were obedient enough to stick to their specifications.

It was just a matter of time before they tested their hand on equipment such as riflescopes and spotting devices. However, in 1971, during a period of turmoil, they sold their company to Bausch and Lomb.

The 21st century marked a period of acquisition by Bushnell. In 2005, the company bought Tasco- a significant player in the international telescope market. Their main target was astronomers who are starting in this field, but even they started producing other things apart from telescopes- such as microscope and binoculars. They mainly conduct their business through online sites, outlets, and catalogs.

In 2005, again, they acquired Michaels, who is a trusted maker of the holster and covers for scope and gun maintenance kits. Under outdoor sporting equipment, Bushnell produces essentials for campers and personal weather stations for individuals who are taken by camping. They have their own patented GPS called Backtrack, which has proved to be successful.

Bushnell Trophy Cam

Anyone who has an indirect interest in the field of hunting must have come across the name of Bushnell. The companys eminence for producing high-octane outdoor gear and adventure sports products precedes itself.

The Bushnell 14MP trophy cam HD is a device that every game hunter dreams of having in his armory of hunting gizmos. If you are entirely new to the idea of trail cameras, then this is going to blow your mind. With this in your hunting arsenal, you are going to be able to have a new glimpse into the intricacies of animal behavior. It is a camera that is activated whenever the subject is in motion. It is perched just on the outskirts of forest areas to take pictures of the areas in question and trail. With proper analysis of animal behavior and having a camera set up all year round, you can hunt a more significant variety of the same creature of your choice.

For the price that Bushnell offers you the product, it is a mouth-watering prospect for any hunter. It comes with so many features that render it invaluable. Of this, the trigger of the device and the recovery time settings is the most talked-about feature. With a sensor that is of the PIR, variant enables it to detect motion of any target even from a distance of sixty yards. A smart hunter will always make use of an object, that is technically an attractant. So the target will be lured into the view of the camera so that the hunter can get a proper look at the animal.

One of the most innovative features of this camera is that one can record with the camera at 1080p and take multiple pictures at the same time without losing feed of the video even for a second. Time, date of recording, phase of the moon, and temperature of the surrounding area watermarked in both the snaps and the video. Any proper camera that has the credentials to become professional equipment will always have a night-vision add-on. This camera, while taking shots in the dark, makes use of an LED that doesnt glow in the dark as a result of which animals dont get scared quickly. This camera has a range of 80 feet, and because of a UV flash, the animals wont be able to see it.
bushnell trophy cam hd aggressor 14mp wireless trail camera

The battery life of the product is immaculate, as it comes packed with a year of battery life. Which is quite significant given that a camera needs to record every year, specifically when your target is a deer. The fall is the season of hunting deer and many hunters set up their camera to track deer. So if one sets up a camera and a deer is seen in the frame, one understands his starting position to track the movement of a deer. The winter is a time to make the best use of shed hunting. Setting a camera up to follow deer all-round the year enables you to have a proper measure for the growth of your target game. Many people use the indication of antlers being shed.

However, you should remember a few things in mind before setting up your camera. The ideal place for setting up of a camera should be a dedicatedly open space. The site doesnt have to be large and spacy but makes sure you use food specifically as an attractant. The camera is programmed in a fashion, that enables it to take pictures between one to sixty minutes. But the ideal time duration for taking an image should be somewhere around five minutes. So in case you set the camera for five minutes and coupled with the use of a proper attractant, you will be averaging about two-three shots of animals looking around and then passing by. If you set your camera for a lesser duration, that has a collateral of eating away of the memory chip in your device. For a secondary location to keep tabs on deer, it is suggested that you keep the time-limited to a minute at the most, because deer stay in motion when they are trailed.

Other products from Bushnell

Bushnell 12mp Trophy cam HD

Probably one of the most petite yet technologically sound models is this variant of Bushnell Corporation. Its featherweight weight of 1.1 gm with a micro-size build has a twelve-megapixel camera that can be played at a lower resolution to save battery life. The 0.3 trigger speed also enhances the crystal clear picture quality captured by the device. The camera functions with accuracy even at a distance of eighty feet with an extensive ground vision of sixty degrees. It has PIR which is also customizable and has the much sought after time-lapse feature. The LCD gives precise information about the date of the shot taken, the temperature of the area, and the battery information.

There is no camouflage variant to this device, but the size being so minuscule there is less probability of the device being tampered with by wild animals. The battery back-up is the standard setting of one year of battery life and also the added ability to draw power from other sources. It is also resistant to extremes of temperatures.

Bushnell 6mp trophy cam

The main motive of the device is affordability. It is mostly used by hunters who are starting in this field but are not professional yet. The economically built device has all the required features to succeed in the intermediate level. The high-quality camera snaps pictures in a crystal clear manner with a trigger speed of 0.8 seconds. It has several LEDs embedded into the system so that you can clearly understand what is going on with the device at night.

The resolution of the device is set at 480p, allowing it to record videos for sixty seconds straight. The quality of the recording, however, is something to be improved upon nonetheless. This basic model also has the time-lapse mode programmed in it with a range of sixty feet with a field vision of forty-five degrees.
bushnell trophy cam hd aggressor 14mp wireless trail camera

For a basic model, nonetheless, the camera is quite bulky and weighs near about ten pounds. There is no camouflage variant of this device, but this is user-friendly, hence, appealing to novices who start.

How to choose among the three units?

The only things which are similar to all three models are battery life. That stands at 12 months, and the fact that they all operate at thirty-two MB memory card.

Once you cover these areas, they are all very different. Redundant to say that the Bushnell 14mp is the most technologically sound model in the universe of Bushnell. The bright pictures of the camera and its trigger speed stand testament to why it stands unparalleled to other trail cameras. The forty-eight system of LEDs will make tracking as easy as it gets at night.

If you want a primary camera to see what has been preying on your crops, then this is the model to go. It has no extended or exotic features, but it does take a decent photo. However, if you want to record videos and that too at night, it is suggested that you choose some other trail camera.

The Bushnell 12mp is, however, a kind of a midpoint of the devices as mentioned earlier. It is not only useful at night because of its 32 LEDs but also takes clear shots and records video at 720p, which is pretty decent. The build of the device is quality through and through making sure that it functions as a bulky duty device in the turmoil of a dense forest. The display showing temperature, moon phase, and date also add to the appeal of the machine.

Other alternatives from other brands

The Stealth Cam 14.0 Megapixel 45 No-Glo IR Trail Camera has revolutionized the idea of a game camera. They introduced the Triad camera system where the camera can be used for taking photos, recording videos, and taking time-lapse videos. In 2009, they were also the first brand to shoot video along with the audio. The Moultrie No Glow Invisible 20MP Mini 999i Infrared Trail Game Camera has won hearts because of its unmatchable trigger speed. The sharpness and softness of the pictures during the daytime operation match the brilliant monochrome shots of the night. This camera has also got endowed with a motion freeze feature.

The Stealth Cam 14 IR Emitter Hunting Game Trail Camera with HD Video (PX14) notifies you the happenings and the time when these events transpired. The fourteen infrared lights present in the device enable it to capture the best of shots at night. There is also a sensor present in the device. That allows the device to recognize a drop in light and turn the images brighter as a consequence. The Browning Trail Cameras Dark OPS HD 940 Micro Game Cam (16MP, 1080p Video) Accessory Bundle, records 1080*720p with sound. And has a camera that doesnt lag, while you are recording stuff. It has the flexibility to accept memory cards in all formats. It has a safety device in the form of a steel cable.

The Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG, 2 Pack has the most impressive low light performance among all the devices. The IR emitters make night photography aesthetic, and it also has a remarkable trigger speed of 0.5 seconds. The Moultrie A-Series Game Cameras (2018) gets its name because of the number of features packed in this economically built product. This product can also take pictures in high and low resolution. During the night, you can detect as high as eighty feet of your surroundings.

The Browning Strike Force HD Camera, Camouflage, is probably better received than the other models of the same brand. Particularly, the Browning Strike Force Trail Camera and the Browning Trail Cameras Spec Ops. These cameras are sold in a camouflaged variant and have enhanced stealth operational features, useful in a dense jungle.

The LETSCOM 14MP Trail Game Camera 0.4s is a way more upgraded version of the Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game. Because of the trigger speed which enables it to take pictures without making it blurry for the hunter. The night photography is pretty advanced concerning other models placed under similar price brackets.

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