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Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 4-12x40 Riflescope Review


Before the civil war, the primary use of a riflescope was game hunting and shooting; however, after world war 2, the design and the functionality of the device underwent a complete change. These upgradations triggered the era of creation and dominance of modern riflescopes. Manufacturers fashioned better riflescopes for better accuracy and precision. Todays riflescopes with dots and other measures of efficiency have become a yardstick in game hunting.

The primary use of a riflescope is to magnify and accentuate the size of your target and facilitates the formation of a more precise picture than the naked eye can comprehend. The mark of a proper scope is not just accurate shooting but also shooting from incredibly long distances that would have otherwise seemed impossible. An excellent and sturdy scope will also help you to see the area of shooting in a better light and promotes safety. So, your shooting remains confined to the object and doesnt get sprayed in different directions. The most impressive quality of a proper scope is that you can set out early for hunting before the sun appears on the horizon. Waiting for the game might get hectic, and that is why in low light conditions, it is vital to own a scope. A proper scope will enhance the surrounding light. Compared to your naked vision, you will be able to take a more ethical hit with scopes.

The Bushnell Banner

The Banner model is one of the most famed and oldest assortments of the Bushnell brand. The 4-12*40 riflescope, which comes with a matte black variant, is our primary concern and has been one of the premium mainstays of the brand. The main constituents of the device are one single-piece aluminum alloyed primary tube, the brands dusk, and dawn manifold lens coatings, a quick focusing eyepiece, a zoom ring with a convenient grip, a fingertip re-adjustable windage, and inclination adjustments. Like other devices of the same brand, the Banner is filled with nitrogen in its insides and claims to be fog proof, shockproof, waterproof. The Bushnell Banner has been covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which is a boon for a first-time owner.


The Bushnell Banner Multi-X reticle is a premium Leupold Duplex type. For a long-range varmint gun, generally a crosshair is preferred, but a Multi-X is very gratifying in general and is an all-rounder specifically for a large game-hunting rifle. However, one might ponder as to why a specialist hunter will choose a 12*40 for game hunting. The 12*40 scope is the most popular choice for a game hunting experience. Choicest calibers for this application will range from .17HMR to .257 Roberts.

In an experiment, the 12*40 Banner scope comes mounted on the Marlin 917VS varmint rifle with .17 caliber bullets. And to cork the scope, high millet loops were used to incline the mounting compartments in the extensions of the gun. The rings have sufficient space between the objects in the anterior part of the scope and the barrel.

This scope is tailor-made for a .17HMR caliber Varmint rifle. The view in this device is ample to make sure you have a safe time in small game hunting, at a fairly close distance. It provides you with sufficient magnification for small rodents like rabbits even if it is situated 200 yards away, which is effectively the range of the cartridge of bullets. Bushnell practices what it advertises, everything functioned the way it should during trials or practices. However, the optics of the scope is not very advanced, given that Bushnell has its own Elite 3200 models, but they suffice what you want. The contrast and the sharpness facilitate the shaping of the targets at ridiculously long distances. However, with a typically overcast condition or when it is sunny, it is expected that you experience some annoying lens flare.

Safety for your eye is taken care of when the recoil of the rifle is controlled, but for bigger sized guns, the eye relief goes minimalized. Hence the placement of the eye on the scope becomes very significant the security of your eyes. Eyes need to be a proper distance away, from the ocular view of the scope.

The optimization of the productivity or the ergonomics of the scope is impeccable. The adjustable power loop is easy to take hold of even when anyone is donning gloves, the anterior objective can be manipulated and it has ridges on its body which makes it convenient for the user to maneuver, and the latex coated eyepiece focus was just a delight to use. More so than all the other pricey riflescopes, the MOA windage and the inclination controls were accurate, to the surprise of a lot of people.

From the user manual of the Bushnell Banner

Focusing on the eyepiece

The eyepiece is fashioned in such a way to assist your natural accuracy. For any inaccuracy in your fundamental aim, the eyepiece will compensate. To use the eyepiece efficiently:

  • Look at your target with naked eyes for a few minutes before shifting your eyes to look through the scope at a plain background. Screw the instant-focus eyepiece clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust your eyes. The pattern of the reticle should be clear enough before the refocusing. After having made the necessary tweaks, take a glance, and scrutinize the image.


The highest accuracy is delivered by your rifle when the riflescope is mounted properly. It is recommended that people who do not have any experience in this area should get the mounting done by a qualified gunsmith. However, if you wish to do it all by yourself then:

  • Use an optimum quality mount with bases that fit fashioned to fit perfectly with your particular rifle. It is mandatory that the scope should be placed in such a place that it doesnt come in contact with the barrel or the receiver.
  • Religiously follow the guidelines that come packed with the scope mounts you have considered.
  • Before screwing tight the mounting loop, glance through the scope in your normal shooting stance. Carefully rotate the scope- clockwise or counterclockwise until you can see as far as possible with a field, coming fully into your view.
  • Rotate the scope, till the pattern of the reticle, is placed perpendicular to the bore. The inclination adjustment is on the top.
  • Cork the screws tight to end the procedure.

However, if the scope is not placed adequately forward, a word of caution dictates that the recoil of the machine can injure the shooter.

Bore sighting

Bore sighting is the first procedure to enable the bore of the rifle to have proper alignment with the scope. Ideally, it should be done using the Bushnell Bore Sighter. In case of the absence of the bore sighter, you should do the following things:

  • Undo the bolt, take a glance through the barrel of the gun at a distance of approximately 100 yards.
  • Then glance through the scope and make sure that the crosshairs coincide with the acquired target.
  • Specific mounts have their intrinsic windage manipulation systems, and as such, these windage adjustments should be made use of instead of the scopes internal systems.
  • If profound elevation changes are needed, they should be achieved by wedging of the metal.


The ultimate viewing of the rifle should be done with ready ammunition based on the distance that you expect to shoot. If the majority of your shots are short-range, you can zero-in at 100 yards. However, in the case of long-range shooting, experienced shooters tend to shoot at a distance of three centimeters from the actual target. Often shooters average the three points of impact to target the object.

Resetting the adjustment scale loop

Even though this feature is not available on all models, they are an advanced feature.

  • Making use of a screwdriver of a jeweler, undo the Phillips screw on the scale about half a turn. Make sure that the reading of the zero is left undisturbed and make sure not to lose clicks while uncorking the screw.
  • Freely wheel the adjustment loop to coincide the zero with the Index point.
  • Cork the screw again in the adjustment ring, and replace the windage and elevation manipulation knobs.

Maintenance of the device

Even though the Bushnell Banner is a heavy-duty instrument, it requires a lot of care and nurturing to give you the best service. Here is how you can take care of the device:

  • When you are cleaning the lens of the invention, first blow away the dirt and then use a soft brush. Oil and fingerprints can be wiped away using lens cleaning tissues or tender cotton cloth, dipped in lens cleaning lubricant.
  • All parts of the machine that are mobile are already lubricated, so there is no need to oil them further.
  • The exterior surface of the scope is heavy-duty and such requires no tender care, except occasionally removing dust that has accumulated.
  • The lens should always go shielded with a lens cover.


It should be remembered that the scope should not be contained within hot chambers, such as a compartment of a public vehicle on hot days. The intensity of the temperatures can be detrimental to the lubricants and seals which are present in the crevices. A trunk of an automobile, a gun storage compartment or a steel cabinet is preferable. The scope should not come in direct contact with the sunlight as it can directly affect the eyepiece. The suns rays should not be allowed to converge through the lens.

Other alternatives to choose from

Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope, a trendy brand has made its name in the market because of the ease with which it can be mounted and the durability of the device itself. It is typically a rimfire scope for your assault rifles. It is also featherweight, meaning you can maneuver it as you like. The Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope comes packed with a dusk and dawn brightness coating. Which creates an ergonomic view by enhancing the sharpness and clarity. There are also multiple reticles available with this device, and for as less than 100$, you will get an excellent value for money. It is comparatively cheaper than the Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane 1-inch Tube Riflescopes has an appeal for people who are just starting in the area of game hunting. It comes with a parallax error adjustability feature, which no other riflescope has in the market. You can choose between various levels of brightness with this device. The battery backup in this device is as crazy as it gets, even at the highest levels of intensity. The Nikon Buckmasters II, 4-12x40mm, BDC, Riflescope can capture high-resolution images even under pathetic light condition. You can zero in quicker than other devices. The magnification spectrum allows you to hunt in dense jungles as well as in open grasslands because of its malleability. However, it comes with a substantial recoil velocity, which can be a bit unsettling for newbies.

The Bushnell Engage Riflescope, Matte Black, one is known in the market for its impeccable tracking ability and offers an excellent field view, and the turrets slide-out seamlessly. The Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle Riflescope has a 4x magnification capability and like other devices has elevation tweaks added to it. The Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes has shallow dispersion glass which enhances the resolution of the image, and the wholly coated lens allows for very high color fidelity. The Simmons 560520 Truplex Riflescope has an eye relief of 3-4 inches and is an underdog in its own right.

The Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40mm BDC 1in Waterproof Matte Riflescope has manifold layers of anti-reflective material and produces the highest quality images without any fuss. The spot-on feature allows you to decipher every single aiming point. The Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope with Multi-X Reticle is best known for the single most effective transmission of light.




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