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Bushnell Red Dot Sight Review


Red dot sights are non-magnifying reflectors that get used in various kinds of shooting tools that require a perfect aiming. These devices are an excellent shooting aid as they provide an aiming point in the form of an illuminated red dot. It helps the shooters to get through their target quickly.

There is an LED that resides at the focus of the optics which glows in a red dot. The red dot stays in an aligned position with the arms. The red dot sights are almost free from parallax. These small devices are a great option to carry for hunting and target shooting. They are used extensively in police forces and military operations. These pieces also find an application on cameras and telescopes.

The red dot sights are great for capturing the views of any moving object. For example, they can catch the sight of a flying bird or a moving object brilliantly. Airsoft and paintball players also use them as they help the user to concentrate solely on the target. These devices do not involve any magnification; thus, parallax can get eliminated to a great extent. They can be conveniently mounted anywhere as there is no need to focus.

Red dot sights are of great importance for a shooter and therefore are now available in plenty in the market. Some big brands are indulging in manufacturing some of the best red dot sights that can help the shooter get through his target conveniently. Out of all available in the market, the Bushnell Red Dot Sight has undoubtedly managed to leave a mark amongst the users with its brilliant specifications. It generally gets compared with the UTG Med-pro Compact Riser Mount, 0.83" High, 3 Slots red dot sight and scores better in many aspects.

Why do the experts highly recommend the Bushnell Red Dot Sight?

The red dot sight from Bushnell makes for a reliable and durable product that comes in a very affordable price range. It is a compact device that makes aiming at a target incredibly effortless. With unlimited eye relief, this product works excellent for handguns and shotguns. It has got a great lens that helps in viewing the target in extreme weather conditions. The product is entirely waterproof, thus can be used in heavy rain also.

There is the superior quality of battery installed in each unit of this product which runs for a very long time. The manufacturer Bushnell also owns an excellent reputation for producing some of the best shooting tools available in the market today. There are many other brilliant features in the red dot sight from Bushnell which make it far better than the Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sights. You should go through this article thoroughly to understand the mechanism of this product better.

Built extremely durable

The Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight has been made extremely strong and durable. It is small in size and compact in design. The device is effortless to carry and can be taken to any harsh shooting routines. It is built out of metal, which makes it a hardy product. No external factor can harm its outer casing.

It can endure all the tortures done to it like a boss. Nothing can affect its flawless functioning. It can give a high level of performance for any shooters and help them get through their targets quickly. This device is a must if you are planning to take on a tight shooting routine under some difficult circumstances. It can work as good as the Bushnell 731303 Trophy 1x 25mm Red Dot Riflescope (Certified Refurbished).

Can be mounted easily

This red dot sight from Bushnell does not bother the user with its mounting process. It can get easily installed on any convenient option, and it will deliver unaffected performance. The product can get mounted on most of the models of Picatinny rails used for military purposes.

The Bushnell Red Dot Sight is highly compatible with various types of shotguns, pistols, rifles, muzzleloaders, etc. It can give the best output when mounted above firearms unlike the AT3 Tactical RD-50 PRO Red Dot Sight - with Riser Mount for Co-witness with Iron Sights - 2 MOA Therefore carry it to your favorite shooting sports and witness its usefulness.

Packed with 11 brightness settings

This shooting aid from Bushnell comes with a massive brightness adjustment option. It has got an adjustment dial that can be used to change the brightness of the red dot as per the convenience of the user. The dial is flexible and can be easily adjusted. You can set the light as you need and carry on with your aiming.

The 11 brightness settings vary from a very fade to the brightest red dot. Depending on the surrounding, you can tune in to the perfect brightness option that can help you locate your targets accurately. This robust feature is missing out on many other red dot sights including the TRUGLO 30mm Dual-Color Dot Sight.

Exhibits versatile actions

This shooting tool not only can perform brilliantly but can also be employed for a wide range of activities. You can use it at the range or for any shooting competition. It can also locate longbeards from a significant distance correctly. The Bushnell Red Dot Sight is designed for the maximum output in every type of situation. It can be employed in a versatile range of activities unlike the AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Integrated Red or Green Laser Sight - 2 MOA Red Dot Scope with Flip

Constructed waterproof

This product from Bushnell has a handy feature of waterproof. It can work fine in humid weather. You can take it along with you underwater. Nothing can affect its performance or damage it by any means. It has been constructed very carefully to be safe even though immersed in water.

The device has got O-sealed optics that stay dry within under every circumstance. There are thick waterproof gaskets inside all the knobs of the product that protects it from the damage that water would have otherwise caused to it. This feature surely makes it suitable to be used underwater for aiming at targets. The seals of this product are much better if compared to that of the 3-Slot Slim Picatinny Short Riser Mount 1" High, 3 Slots red dot sight.

Completely shockproof

The Bushnell Red Dot Sight has been built with a fantastic shockproof technique. It can endure bangs, bumps, and rough terrains. If by chance you drop it, it would not disappoint you. This product will stay as it is. So, carry it without worries to any part of the world as this is very rough and tough.

Filled with dry Nitrogen

Many red dot sights tend to fog within. There can be several reasons for this fogging. It is sometimes caused due to the fog in the outer atmosphere, or for moisture getting into the device. There are times when the breath of the user leads to the formation of fog inside the red dot sight. The sudden temperature changes also lead to fogging. This fog can be very harmful to the device as it blocks the view completely. The target cannot be viewed clearly, and thus, flawless aiming is hindered.

Dry nitrogen gas can be a great savior in this case. It cuts down the entry of moisture in any place. This product from Bushnell has been filled with dry Nitrogen that prevents the formation of fog inside of it. You can safely term this device as a fogproof one. Dry Nitrogen keeps away atmospheric air from the product which may contain moisture in it. Thus any possibility of fog formation is ditched. This feature makes this product highly useful in places where there are extreme temperate changes or altitude differences. The product scores high if compared to the Burris Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount red dot sight in the parameter of being fog proof.

Equipped with multi-coated lens

Multi-coated lenses are nothing short of a boon in case of a shooting aid. They reduce glare and allow the maximum amount of light to enter the eye of the shooter. Thus the target can be viewed with the utmost clarity, and the user can aim correctly. The multi-coated lenses offer a clearer and brighter vision than one can witness with naked eyes. It is coated with a chemical that reduces excessive reflection of light, and thus the highest amount of light enters through it.

This device from Bushnell is built with a multi-coated lens, that reduces the possibility of glare to a great extent. It has a mirror finish on the outer side and allows almost 100 percent of light to enter through it. This shooting aid provides a better vision to the user and will enable him to aim at the target minutely. Its lens is much better than that of the OTW Red Dot Sight, 1x20mm/ 1x27mm 4 MOA Red Green Dot Sight Micro Rifle Scope.

Matte black in finish

The Bushnell Red Dot Sight features a brilliant look. It has a matte black finish, which makes it very lucrative. It has been built in such a way that the soft luster on its outer body will never fade off and it will remain as new forever. This product is scratch proof, and thus no matter how much you bang it or drop it, this red dot sight will never show off any scratch on its outer body.

Technical specification of the product

Dimensions of the product

5.4 * 3.4 * 2.2 inches

Weight of the product

3.7 ounces

Weight on shipping

2.3 pounds

Type of the red dot

True red dot (with enclosed reflex)

Range of magnification of the objective lens

1 * 25 mm

Reticle of the lens

3 MOA dot

Color of the reticle


Coating on the lens


Total number of brightness settings




Field of view


Eye relief


Exit pupil

25 mm

Value of a click


Range of adjustments

More than 70 MOA

MOA per revolution


Mount of the product


Mounting length of the product

28 inches

Rain guard








Battery required

Yes, 1

Type of battery

CR2032 battery

Manufacturing brand


Type of the product

Red dot sight

Color of the product




Model of the product


Item reference code




Review from users

4.2 out of 5 stars amongst 4500 user reviews



bushnell red dot sights

Important features at a glance

  • A superb shooting aid from the very trusted brand Bushnell
  • Features 3 MOA dot reticle
  • Has been built with 11 brightness setting options
  • Can be mounted easily on any variant of Picatinny rails
  • Highly compatible with various types of rifles, pistols, and shotguns
  • Built completely waterproof
  • Equipped with O-ring sealed optics that help the device to stay dry from within
  • Can work perfectly fine underwater
  • 100 percent shockproof
  • Built extremely strong and durable
  • Can withstand unlimited bangs and bumps
  • Purged with dry Nitrogen
  • Dry Nitrogen prevents the moist air from the atmosphere to enter the device
  • No formation of fog within
  • Can sustain humidity and quick temperature variations
  • Has a very flexible adjustment dial
  • Extremely versatile in action
  • Can be taken to the mountains or for any shooting competition
  • Features unlimited eye relief
  • Can be easily used with two eyes to view the target
  • Has been built with multi-coated lens
  • Comes with a rubber scope cover that protects the lens from external dangers
  • Has an extended battery life
  • Completely glare-free unlike the Feyachi Red Dot Sight 4 MOA Micro Red Dot Gun Sight
  • Features a brilliant matte black finish

Get the best red dot sight at an affordable price

The Bushnell Red Dot Sight has been loaded with some of the best features that make it a trending product amongst the shooting enthusiasts worldwide. It is very affordable and gives the best shooting experience. This device is built strong and can sustain extreme conditions.

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