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Crosman Benjamin Caliber Piston Hardwood Review


As a sharpshooter and longing for an air gun, all look at the house of Crosman for the best product so that the target is never missed. With nearly 100 years of experience behind them, the company had produced some of the best guns, and the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 .177 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle with Hardwood Stock Includes 3-9 X 40mm Scope is one of them. It is a beautiful beast and loved by the shooters as handling the rifle is easy.

An overview

This model of gun is a dream possession for all shooters owing to the unique features and specifications to hit the bulls eye or the target without a miss. Having used for quite some time, I find this gun absolutely perfect for my shooting sessions successfully achieving the objective.

Priced between the US $ 241 to $ 293 at many online stores it is one of the best models that one can have in this range and that too from Crosman. It is time to pen down my experiences and reviews of the product for all enthusiasts looking for a perfect air gun not to miss the target. Let us dig into the details of the Benjamin trail np XL.


As the product was delivered to me, I found it was securely packed. On opening the outer cover, I found the trademark Benjamin box that had the gun inside resting on shock-absorbing buffers for preventing any damages in transportation. It is also suitable for me to carry it in a packed condition from one place to another.

TheBenjamin trail nphas a hardwood stock with a perfect finish and is smooth without any sharp edges. One can though feel the robustness of the stock running down the fingers over it. It has a 3-9 X 44 scopes mounted on the top of the stock to have a clear vision on the objects and to aim correctly before pressing the trigger. I was feeling to heat the long barrel without delay firing a few shots. It is made up of perfectly finished steel with a rustic look to take the aftershock of firing.

The specifications

The Benjamin titan np is loaded with features and let us have a quick look at the specifications.

  • The SKU of the gun is BT1500WNP
  • The caliber 0.177 inches.
  • The Power PointPlant is made from Nitro Piston.
  • The Lead Pellet velocity is up to 120 fps.
  • The Alloy Pellet Velocity is up to 1500 fps.
  • Barrel length is 19.5 inches.
  • The Overall Length is 49 inches.
  • The Barrel material Seamless Steel.
  • Cocking effort 47 lbs.
  • The total Product weight is 8.50 lbs.
  • Magazine The magazine is of single-shot type.
  • The Safety Lever feature is available in the gun.
  • Front Sight none
  • Rear Sight none.
  • Scope rail Picatinny
  • Scope type: AO scope with 3x9 -40 feature.
  • Trigger Pull: 2.5 lbs
  • Buttplate: Rubber ( Ventilated)
  • Action: Break Barrel.
  • Loudness 3 or medium.
  • Function: Single shot.
  • Safety lock Manual
  • Shrouded with thumb hold stock.

The features

The makers of Benjamin armada manufacture the Benjamin trail np XL 1500 air gun series, and it is none other than Crosman. Although the caliber is small and only 0.177 but the velocity is one of the fastest in the series. The gun can deliver enough power to knockdown pests and other unwanted creatures in the garden.

The Gun

This air gun works of Nitro Piston or NP technology, and there is no much different than the spring-loaded guns. However, the nitrogen-filled ram replacing the coil spring is the source of raw power. There are a piston and nitrogen inside the chamber that forces the air to compress and increase its pressure to throw out the pellet with full velocity. As one cocks the gun, the pressure is created inside the nitrogen-filled cylinders, and the air is kept pressurized until one pulls the trigger. As and when the gun is cocked, for firing, the gas expands the forces the piston to move forward and comes back to its original position after the pressurized air is forced into the port which in turn hits the pellet and forces it out towards the target. As it is a single magazine gun, one can only shoot once and reload it with the pellet for the second shot. This feature helps to concentrate more on the object as unlike multiple shotguns, there is no scope of multi-firing. Therefore the aim for the target improves considerably.

The stock

The hardwood stock is capable of withstanding the shock after firing, and it prevents abrasion. One of the best features of the stock is that it can be given a new look with refinishing and extend the lifespan. It is an ambidextrous stock helping both left-handed and right-handed persons to shoot with the same ease. The raised cheekpieces on both sides help to allow stable positioning on the eyes. The grip of the stock is textured with thumbhole to have a relaxed grip while the stock rests on the wrist. The lovely embossing of the manufacturers name on the stock makes the rifle look beautiful, and one gets the proud feeling of holding a Crosman rifle in their hand. With a textured finish, the stock is perfect to have a right grip without slipping and providing adequate friction on the hands while one is aiming at the object and ready to shoot.

The Barrel

The barrel of the gun is made from rifted steel having spiral grooves on the inner surface do that the pellets spin while moving out. This action is indeed necessary to stabilize the pellet, enhancing the accuracy of shooting and hitting the object with full velocity.

The ammunition

As this model from the house of Crosman uses 0.177 pellets, and no other pellets can be used, the cost of operation is lesser than theBenjamin marauder pistolwhich uses 0.22 pellets or theBenjamin Sheridanthat uses C9 type ammunitions.

Accuracy, power and velocity

The modelBenjamin trail np XLcan give a velocity up to 1500 fps when I use the alloy pellets and gives a velocity of 1250 FPS using the lead pellets. As we compare the velocity of this gun withBenjamin wildfire,the velocity is much higher although it has a single hot magazine. Almost no other gun of this caliber has this much velocity, and it is one of the magnum class air rifles. The gun is power-packed and exerts enough pressure to the air when compressed, and one can get perfect accuracy up to a distance of 50 yards.

The sighting

Although the air rifle comes without a front or rear sight options, the 3-9 X 40 AO scope with 40 as the diameter of the front lens with a magnification level of 3-9 enables to have maximum nine times enlarged vision of the object to be shot. The AO or the adjustable objective feature of the scope gives a crystal clear and sharper image of the object that cannot be otherwise seen with naked eyes. This feature of the rifle and the scope made my shooting simple and easy. I can see the targets without any distortions or pain, unlike focusing with naked eyes.

Noise levels

The air rifle has minimum noise, and one can fire it without wearing the ear muffles. However, the lightweight pellets broke during my practice sessions, and the crack sound can bother others since hey imitate the original gunshots. One can use this gun for plinking or target shooting as well as pest controls in the garden or to enjoy small game hunting following the rules of the land. The loudness level is 3 and falls in the medium range category.


No other accessories, except the AO scope, is provided with by the manufacturer. Not a single pellet is supplied with the rifle, and one has to buy them paying extra.

Maintenance of the air rifle

The Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 is almost maintenance-free as it is crafted and designed to function smoothly without any hassles. One only needs t to tighten the stock fasteners, adjust the AO scope from time and oil the barrels and the moving parts after some hundred shots to get the smooth functioning of the rifle without any glitches.


Although the quality of the products from the house of Crosman is undoubtedly excellent, the manufacturer provides a limited warranty for one year from the date of purchase. They also replace the gun with a new one in case of any significant faults.

The operation

In the beginning, the gun is put on Safe Mode by pulling the safety lock and is held on the sides. With a firm tap on the muzzle end, the breach is exposed, and one should pull the down the barrel as much as possible so that the cocking action can be performed. As the breach opens up after cocking, one should put a single pellet keeping the nose in the forward direction. It is time to pull back the barrel to the original horizontal position in line with the stock until it locks. One is ready to fire without any more hassles.

The Pros and the Cons

No review is complete without genuinely weighing the pros and the cons and here are my findings after using this rifle for some time, which can help many to decide their purchasing options.

The Pros

  • The Nitro piston technology is the latest and advanced one that has been used.
  • The stock is made from hardwood with a perfect finish. It can be refinished if much abrasion occurs during extensive use.
  • The craftsmanship is awesome without any glitches.
  • The velocity is much higher when compared with other bore size guns.
  • The rifle is almost noiseless.
  • The power delivered by the compressed air is perfect for giving the high velocity.
  • This air rifle is easy to cock.
  • The gun is robust and durable.
  • The price is reasonable considering the advanced technology used by the manufacturer.
  • One year limited warranty is provided.

The cons

  • The barrel came dirty and greasy and needed to be cleaned for using first time.
  • Some shooter may find the trigger a bit uncomfortable.
  • The manufacturer and one supply, not a single pellet even fr testing needs to buy them extra.
  • As the rifle is of single-shot type, those who want to practice rapid firing might not find it suitable to use.
  • The trigger of the rifle becomes easy to operate only after a few hundred shots are fired.


The Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 .177 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle with Hardwood Stock Includes 3-9 X 40mm Scope is one of the rare guns that are more than a toy. It is indeed a rifle to be an expert sharp-shooter. With the provision of single-shot, the chance of an accident is rare, and one is forced to concentrate fully so that the only shot does not miss the target. With the adjustable AO scope, it gives a clear vision of the target without the chance of misfiring. It should not dishearten the avid shooters and can be one of their proud possessions in their armoury. With almost no recoil factor, unlike other rifles and guns that can harm the shooter if the gun is not held correctly, it is easy to use without any tensions.

With the experience I had with the rifle, I am fully satisfied with the make, craftsmanship and performance. It has become one of the proud possessions that I could get ever think of getting at such a reasonable price. It is worth for money.

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