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Crosman Legacy CLGY1000KT Variable Pump Air Rifles Review


I've owned a Crosman since I was an adult. Both my boy's first BB guns were Crosman. So when the day arrived, and I required one for pests, I shifted to Crosman. My Crosman Legacy 1000 is accurate, an excellent, strong-hitting rifle, and I like it. The Crosman Legacy 1000 is an entertaining, rugged variable-pump air rifle. With its easy-to-use pump technique, expect moments of fun as you shoot paper objects, shatter blasts and breakable targets over and over! With Crosman's new valve model, you can push the Legacy 1000 from 3 to 12 points, depending on the distance you're firing. Lightweight and brutal, this gun launches alloy pellets up to 1000 fps, lead bullets up to 750 fps, and steel BBs at up to 800 fps.

The Crosman Legacy 1000 is an upgraded version of Crosman 2100. Crosman did a superb job of getting rid of the issues with 2100 and thus raising its power by a considerable margin with the Crosman Legacy 1000. This work as an absolute monster! It looks like an upgraded 2100 which has been the standard of pump air rifles for about odd 70 years, so claiming it a Legacy is relevant. It possesses an exceptional weight to it, feels so organized, an excellent platform. You can appreciate the power of it when you first push it. The Legacy 1000 is an extraordinarily impressive rifle for its value so. Upon initial scrutiny, the 'composite' (synthetic) all over the gun is a considerable let down compared with the holds of force and endurance from the producer. However, as soon as you push (you'll feel it) and then shoot the rifle, you will decline your apprehensions of the low-cost materials influencing the overall excellence and shoot on. The Legacy is a monster, and it expresses a striking extent of power thru effortless operation- it just feels lovely to fire this rifle. Last, the efficiency and uniformity of this rifle are also overwhelming.

The Legacy 1000 outperforms 2100 and Daisy's 880 in all forms of power and energy. You will feel a contrast when you fire this rifle at 12 pumps. It's undoubtedly quality looking at the modest price to own this model of Crosman!

The Crosman Legacy gets its power rise from obtaining a sturdy metal piston and shutting up the air reveals that the previous Crosman. Well, Crosman seems to have taken notice, as they worked out the issues with the model. The metal piston does not flex while drawing; Thus, it can make better of the air into the air room, causing the pumping effort more competent at getting the pressure required. This rifle is perhaps the single most notable change with the Crosman Legacy 1000 over the Crosman 2100. Now the Crosman 2100 leaked a bunch around the bolt; Thus a valuable portion of the air that should be pressing the pellet down the pipe was wasted blowing out back into the crack loading space. With the Crosman Legacy, they drove the bolt head so that it seals pretty safe against the pipe lead, thus creating the Crosman Legacy 1000 more powerful at exploiting the air pressure from pumping actually to drive the pellet. Crosman also resolved that a heavier hammer spring was in conduct, I settle with them. The Crosman Legacy 1000 is performing even higher pressures in its air cell, so it is going to take a better force of the hammer to free the valve fast enough to use all the Air pressure to accelerate the bullet down the barrel.


  • Calibre: 0.177 (4.5mm)
  • Max Velocity: 1000 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 10 ft/lbs
  • Loudness: 3-Medium
  • Barrel Length: 20.84
  • Overall Length: 39.75
  • Shot Capacity: 1
  • Cocking Effort: 3-12 pumps
  • Barrel Rifled
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Scoopable: 11mm dovetail
  • Trigger: Single-stage
  • Buttplate: Plastic
  • Suggested for: Plinking/Fun
  • Trigger Pull: 4.0 lbs
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Safety: Manual
  • Powerplant: multi-pump pneumatic
  • Function: Single-shot
  • Body Type: Rifle
  • Fixed/adj. power: Fixed
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Grip Size: Small
  • Shrouded: Yes


Although Crosman Legacy 1000 has a plastic receiver, and the receiver makes its job just great. The Crosman Legacy 1000 has a metal tool, a specific mechanical part, while the Crosman 2100 has a plastic ram. I prefer the money to spend on a stronger disk than into a pot metal receiver. And the Crosman Legacy 1000 costs much less than the Crosman 2100. Why fret about a merely aesthetic detail when you are having a robust multi-pump rifle, stronger than the Benjamin 392 in force. It is a $50 rifle, so quit whining about the decor, look instead at the function.


Crosman Legacy 1000 pumpers are 10FPE rifles. That is the intensity of the pellet as it sheets the muzzle is 10 Foot Pounds of Energy (FPE), that is dynamic, notably in.177. And if I desire even higher power, the Crosman Legacy 1000 can be over-pumped and provide more power, still though that is not a good idea. The Crosman Legacy is impressive enough for small game hunting of everything up to and including Rabbit at up to 50 yards, so long as you can knock out a half-inch target 100% of the time at that field, and you perceive where to grab the prey.


If you look at your part, use a pellet the rifle likes, and can fire that well the Crosman Legacy 1000 will convey better performance than any other pumped I have ever attempted. That is all I require to say on this subject.


Yes, the Crosman Legacy has hardly been around for about a couple of months, and we once know it is a modern version of the proven Crosman 2100. I have picked up one of my Crosman Legacy 1000s apart to look at what Crosman changed from the Crosman 2100. They changed nothing positive about the Crosman 2100, and all they produce the parts just as significant as they are in the Crosman 2100, with the same function. The developments that Crosman made will not influence the accuracy of the Crosman Legacy 1000. There are Crosman 2100's in service that has performed as long as the Crosman 2100 has been around (that is since the late 1970s), and they are nevertheless performing very well, usually on their original seals. Even if something takes place that requires healing, the Crosman Legacy 1000 like the Crosman 2100 is unambiguous to work on, and the seals are comfortable to keep extras around, they take surprisingly limited space.

Down Sides:

The particular two drawbacks of the Crosman Legacy are that it is complicated to pump and that the trigger is lengthy and stiff.

The hard to pump issue is do to the case that you are squeezing a lot of air with each pump stroke, higher than the Crosman 2100 or most diverse modern Air Rifles. That and the Crosman Legacy 1000 has a lighter volume for its Air Chamber than most other modern pump air rifles, and this is acceptable because it is more productive for.177 calibre. The trigger is fixable, and it is an effortless trigger sear setup. I will not move into that, as it is one of those situations that someone will muddle up, no matter how smooth it is.

Best Bits :

This Legacy has almost 200 pellets thru it and experiences carried out a 1-3/8" group at ten yds using JSB Match Exact 7.33 gm, and the iron sights. The shot noise is backyard friendly at ten draws, 510 fps, which showed the best efficiency. 4.23 fee. The views are plenty sufficient, with ascent and windage adjustability. On the 10th pump, the power is around easy15 lbs, the leverage being a long 10- 3/4". The supply should receive Pell gun oil often adequate to feel the lubrication during pouring. The single-stage. Steel. The trigger is outstanding- around a few pounds pull and ease if we lube. The stock is considerable in virtue. The cross-bolt safety is in the appropriate place, but forms an audible click when arranged, even if slowly working a thumb and finger. The rifle is muzzle broad, but the gun is so light overall it imposes some weight where it's required when focusing. Cocking the bolt back isn't the smoothest, but shouldn't be a headache. It's pleasant and recommended hardware for the price.

Some of the customers gave their feedback on the rifle:

Ann Says "I was tired of tiny beasties tearing up my garden. I tried everything i had to get rid of the pests from repellants to surrounding my plants in a fence and then putting the plants in cages only to find the beasts digging around the cages. Then I bought an air pistol that has a velocity of 240 fps; then I realized I needed something more powerful. Before I bought the Crosman Legacy, I did some research on air rifles and pest control. Crosman is my first rifle, and it works! I found the scope useful. So far, I got rid of two rabbits, four chipmunks and 5 or 6 ground squirrels. I found it is also great for shooting cans".

Garcia wrote "Most accurate air gun I have owned. Not as powerful as my break barrel, but more accurate for sure. No extra expense for CO2 cartridges. And not temperature-dependent like my CO2 guns. Great for target shooting/plinking in my backyard. I wanted something with no recoil, not temperature-dependent, quiet/lower power (my neighbours are close!), and accurate. This rifle is all those things. I cannot afford even a low-end PCP, so it's pumpers for me if I want zero recoils. It is lightweight due to mostly plastic construction but seems very sturdy and well built. Gun has a decent heft to it, around 5 lbs. The trigger pull is long and creepy, but what do you expect at this price point. Hoping it will smooth out with use. Could be good for small pest control as well (i.e. birds, chipmunks). I can hit a bottle cap at 13 yards with open sights. I am happy with this rifle at the price I paid ($45)".

Jack says "I like it. It shoots well. It is not a professional rifle, but good for a child learning to use a rifle. It is more powerful than I thought. The pump and stock seem to be cheaper than I had hoped, but I had read the reviews before I purchased it and I was not surprised. It is different than the Crosman pellet rifles that I grew up with loading BB's, and chambering a BB is a little bit different, but not bad. So far it has held up fine. The scope is kind of nice".

Brad says " Wow, what a gun for the price. I have a ton of break barrels, PCPs, even some underpowered C02 guns and none close to good as this thing!! The rifle is also one of the few airguns I have that can use bbs. I like using bbs! Especially when they are in an accurate gun. I've only had it for two weeks now, but the groups are impressively tight for a $50 range gun. I never mounted the scope, one look at it and I didn't think it would be worth the time to zero the scope. I have more fun shooting this than my $300+ guns. And it is because of the accuracy and incredibly cheap ammo option".


Legacy 1000 is one of those weapons that are the most reliable option for long-term value. It is a beautiful hunter that receives only pellets for ammo and a whiff of oil from time to time. The Crosman Legacy is a must-have for any prepper that deals on hunting small game in an SHTF situation, and for marksmanship practice. Yes, one could purchase a much more expensive multi-pump rifle to obtain the same action as the Crosman Legacy 1000, even though it would not be practical as reliable. The particular.177 calibre multi-pump rifle I recognize of that is as at least as influential as the Crosman Legacy 1000 and is still in manufacture is the Webley Rebel, which is a lot less positive and tougher to pump.


Always deal with the air rifle as it is charged and ready to fire.

Treat air rifles with the same consideration you would treat a weapon.

Store the air rifle discharged and away from children.

Always aim in a SAFE DIRECTION.

Keep the choke of the air rifle placed in a SAFE DIRECTION.

Keep your finger off the start and out of the trigger guard until fit to open fire.

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