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Crosman SNR357 CO2 Dual Ammo Full Metal Revolver Review


A lot of people carry gins along with them for protecting themselves and their family members, especially.Sometimes people prefer purchasing guns as their hobby, for any match competition, and as a sport. But there are a lot of people who face difficulty in choosing the right weapon for themselves. It can be due to the reason there is an unlimited number of companies who deal in offering the best guns to their customers. And all of those guns seem to be the best for their customers. The actual price of the firearms starts from $80 to$400.

But there are several things that a customer must check in a gun before purchasing it. So, lets discuss all those things in detail.

Learn about the rules and regulations: While you are purchasing any gun, have a prior license before buying that. Every country has its own rules and regulations. For example, if you are living in the US, then you have to be over the age of 18 years for purchasing rifles. If you want to buy handguns, then you have to be 21 years of age.

Purchase gun from a licensed retailer: Make sure that you must purchase your weapon from the right and the genuine retailer. You should check for the license of the particular retailer before purchasing your desired gun from them. Check for their license and its status as well. You should check that the weapon that you are purchasing must be licensed and having registered serial number as well.

Look whether the desired matches your needs: Every person has his own needs and desires, and you should check whether the gun that you are choosing must match with your needs. Look how much caliber you wanted to have in your weapon and choose as per that.

We hope that you have cleared with all those things that you have to check before purchasing the gun. Now, the idea that arises in your mind that which brand is the best for you. If you are looking for the affordable, durable and the best gun, then you have to choose Crosman for you. So, lets discuss this brand in detail.

What is Crosman?

Crosman is the American manufacturer and supplier of the guns that deals in offering the services of the pellets and BB guns to their customers. Some of their products are airguns, soft ammunition, and Powerlet cartridges. Crosman has started its facilities in the year of 1924. On that period, they have named their company as Crosman Rifle Company.

The internet has evolved and reached next heights, now the owners of the Crosman has also started their business online as well. It made them in increasing their sales and helps them in growing their business Worldwide. Today, they have 2300 pistols.
crosman snr357 mods

Since there are having various models of the Crosman rifles, but the best and widely sold model is Crosman SNR357. So, lets discuss how it works

How do Crosman SNR357 works?

The Crosman SNR357 comes in two colors, which are black and grey. It makes its customers choose their desired color as per their need or requirement. Purchasing Crosman SNR357 is so much fun. This has been grabbing the attention of its customers since 2002. The Crosman SNR is powered with CO2, and this comes under the category of the most massive selling air pistols. It can consume 12 gms of CO2. It is made with the comparatively low price and having a unique look as well.

It can work on the operation of being on auto functions and semi functions as well. But the major disadvantage behind using the Crosman SNR357 is that they are quite temperature sensitive. Now, we hope that you have cleared with the working of the Crosman SNR357. So, now lets discuss its features in detail to have better information about this fantastic gun in particular.

Features of the Crosman SNR357

Here are some of the features of the Crosman SNR357 that you should know before purchasing this:

Snub Nose revolver: A snub nose revolver comes into three forms which can be small frame, medium frame, or in the massive structure. But it is made to have a short barrel, which can be of 3 inches or less than that in length. All the types of snub nose revolvers are used for self-defense.

Compact in size: If you are looking for the gun which is quite compact, then choosing Crosman SNR357 is the best choice for you. Carrying and placing Crosman SNR357 into the pocket is quite easy. It is made in such a way so that it will be smoothly adjusted into the pocket and handling it is very much comfortable. If you carry this, then no one can know that you are feeling a Crosman SNR357 along with you.

crosman snr357 manual

Easy-grip: The choice of the Crosman SNR357 is made with easy-grip technology. It made the Crosman SNR357 to get slipped from the hands of the customers. If you are looking for the gun which will not get moved from your hands, then you must look for the option of the Crosman SNR357. Its shape and look are designed in a way so, that it makes its customers handle it with ease.

Great look: If you are among those people who carry air guns as they love handling this. It is made is with a unique look, and this made people love taking this. Its look is so attractive, which made it every one to get attracted to its look. It is having fantastic shape, which made it more catchy and loving as well.

Available in two colors: Whether you love the grey color or you love black color, you can choose Crosman SNR357. It is available in two different colors. You can select any of these colors. There are only limited numbers of air guns which are available in multiple colors, but Crosman SNR357 is available in the two different colors.
crosman snr357 mods

Durable: The material from which the Crosman SNR357 is made is very much durable. Since spending money on the air, guns are a first-time investment. Customers always want to invest in a durable air gun, then the choice of the Crosman SNR357 is perfect for you. If you are also among those customers who are looking for the same, then the selection of the Crosman SNR357 is excellent for you.

Made with metal: The choice of the Crosman SNR357 is wholly manufactured with the metal. It makes it offer the long-lasting experience to its customers, and this also makes the air gun to look attractive as well.

Heavyweight: Their weight knows the air guns. The choice of the Crosman SNR357 is made with the heavyweight of material. Sometimes, customers prefer purchasing such type of air guns which are made with the heavyweight material, and this is the perfect choice for such customers.

Great customers reviews: The option of the Crosman SNR357 is having a high rating on the Amazon. A lot of people have purchased this, and they have given it 4 out of 5 stars. There are a lot of people who look for the reviews first before buying anything, and if you are among such people who also check for that, then this is the perfect choice for you as per your expectations.
crosman snr357 safety stuck

Having high dimensions: The dimensions of the Crosman SNR357 is 9.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches and its weight is around 2 pounds

Some of the other features of the Crosman SNR357 in detail:

  • It is powered with the CO2, and it is made with the dual ammo full metal
  • It is available in both grey and black color
  • It can run on the velocity up to 350 fps.
  • It has reusable cartridges which can work in the six-shot swing.
  • It is having fixed blade sight, hammer, cylinder release switch, adjustable rear sight, and a hammer.
  • It is having dimensions of 9.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches.
  • It is weighting 2 pounds around.


We believe that from the above discussion, you understood the working and features of Crosman SNR357 in detail. But still, there are many things that you must keep in your mind before purchasing a gun from the internet.

Learn about the online reputation:When you are purchasing the gun from the internet, then you have to check for the online status of the website in terms of the weapon so, that you will have idea about what kind of guns that the particular site is selling or whether their customers are satisfied from them or not.

Learn about customers rating: If you have selected any of the guns from the internet, then you should check for the customer rating for the particular weapon. So, that you will have an idea about whether people like gun or what are problems that the customers are having after their rifle delivered.

Look for the communication channels: Every eCommerce website has its communication channels, but you have to choose such a site which is having different communication channels. To ensure that they must have your preferred communication channel must be on their list. It is beneficial for you if you face any problem while you are purchasing anything.

Catch their shipping policy: With the shipping policy, you will be cleared how much you have to pay for your overall order. Do check they must have a minimum price for the shipping policy.

Compare price: Every website is having a different price for their products. When you are purchasing the Crosman SNR357 from the internet, then you must compare its price from different website. It will make you in saving your money as well.

At last, purchase your favorite Crosman SNR357 today at an attractive price from a good, trustworthy and reputable website.

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