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FN Herstal P90 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle Review


Are you thinking of buying an electric gun from airsoft? If you just started in the airsoft, you may still have some doubts about what type of gun to choose and that is why we have created this guide for you to choose among the best Airsoft Electric Guns.

And it is that in the Airsoft we can find different types of guns, spring, electric, gas, CO2 ... so it is normal that you still do not know which is the best option or rather, which is the one that is best for you . Therefore, in this article we will see how electric airsoft guns are and their main advantages and uses.

Electric airsoft p90 guns, also known as AEP (Airsoft Electric Pistol), are one of the most versatile guns we can find and require little maintenance, making them ideal for beginners. They also have a fairly simple and fast use and is compatible with countless accessories.

They always have the same output power that the battery offers, since it does not depend on the temperature or any gas, but on the type of battery.

Almost all electric airforce air guns are made of plastic and their operation depends on a rechargeable battery, they can offer a range of up to 300 shots.

The power of electric agm l96 gun is determined by the type of battery available, so it is very important that you value the power before buying an electric gun. In most cases it comes in the product description or in the same box.

Most electric guns have several shooting modes, they can be fired manually one by one (every time you pull the trigger), automatically (by pressing the trigger like a machine gun) and even in bursts.

On the other hand, it is important not to mess with the gearbox.It contains the main pieces that trigger the weapon.And its composition is complex and delicate.

Product Description:

This airsoft replica of the FN Herstal P90 Tactical is a replica of very high quality with maximum precision thanks to its adjustable hop up system. It includes 3 shooting modes: security, semi-auto and full-auto, accessible from both sides of the replica (easy activation for left-handed and right-handed) by a pivoting selector button which allows the player to vary his pleasures during his parts of Airsoft. His cockpit is also ambidextrous. The shoulder of the shoulder is covered with rubber at the end to prevent slipping and to maintain it. It is possible to add a strap for easier transport.

This is undoubtedly one of the best weapons that exist in 2019 to start in the world of Airsoft . Since this Airsoft weapon is a submachine gun that works by electrically battery which makes it the cheapest type of weapons on the market (Airsoft electric weapons are always the cheapest), the easiest type of weapon to use by its great handling, its small size and its light weight, its precision and viability in both long and short distances.

Features of the fn herstal p90 aeg electric airsoft rifle airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun)

  • This Airsoft weapon is a submachine gun , so: Although their weight is greater than that of a gun, these Airsoft weapons are much more precise and have a somewhat greater power that makes them go much further, but being these Good weapons for medium distances too and not only for long distances.
  • The type of this Airsoft submachine gun: This Airsoft gun is electric, its great advantage is that without the need to buy accessories or consumables such as CO2 capsules, only with a simple charger you will have your Airsoft rifle ready and at the best price, since Electric Airsoft guns are in relation to the other types of Airsoft guns the cheapest in the market.
  • Distance: This weapon reaches distances of 35 to 50 meters so that it is not only a good weapon for smaller environments such as CQB but also for long-distance spaces.
  • The Hop-up of the Airsoft weapon is adjustable: The Hop-up is a jelly that gets inside the cannon so it can vary, so this jelly as large as it can determine the power and accuracy of shooting is. Although if like this weapon if we have an adjustable Hop-up we can choose what suits us at all times.
  • 3 mounting rails in the Airsoft submachine gun made of metal: This, although a very simple detail, few Airsoft weapons usually have. Thanks to having the lane at the top of the FN Herstal P90Cybergun Desert we can adjust a flashlight to illuminate any dark area, a laser, to aim for long distances, in our weapon or both.
  • Airsoft revolver colour: Black Earth (Dark Earth desert)
  • Weight of the Airsoft submachine gun: 2230 grams or 2.23 kilograms.
  • Airsoft gun length: 51 centimeters.
  • Airsoft submachine barrel length: 260 mm or 26 centimetres.
  • Airsoft gun mouth length: 15 millimetres or 1.4 centimetres.
  • Airsoft submachine power: 1.6 Joule.
  • Measurement of the ammunition balls of the Airsoft weapon: It works with balls of 0.20 grams and 6 millimetres of calibre.
  • Output speed of the balls in the Airsoft submachine gun: 123m / s, which is the same, 442.8km / h.
  • The weapon is totally ambidextrous: So if you are both right and left handed you will have no problem using the weapon.
  • Engravings of the FN HERSTAL brand.
  • The bocacha is unscrewed: In order to change it for a longer cannon and that it reaches greater distances, if necessary.
  • Airsoft submachine loader capacity: 68 balls, so you can have enough ammo to fire a good time.
  • Airsoft gun material: Not counting the metal rails, the gun is made entirely of a sturdy and lightweight ABS polymer material.

Why buy an electric airsoft gun?

  • They are perfect to use both in CQB (Combat in enclosed spaces) since they are very quick to use and adjust, and need hardly any maintenance.
  • Glock 19 airsoft also has somewhat less power than a main weapon or a two-handed weapon and this is ideal for this type of games since the distances are usually not very long.
  • They will give you a lot of mobility since you don't need both hands to grip and use it.
  • L96 airsoft are ideal for military simulation, with electric airsoft guns we don't have to spend time maintaining the gun, since we won't have to open our gun to lubricate it, clean it and check that everything is correct.
  • You can even use them for your precision shooting practices since having no blowback offers incredible shooting accuracy.
  • This is because not having a slide on the top and being fixed, the gun gives you much less recoil and does not move in your hands, so you greatly increase your accuracy.

What is included in the Glock 19 airsoft gun?

  • The FN Herstal P90 Cybergun Desert weapon.
  • Instruction booklet of the weapon FN Herstal P90Cybergun Desert, to know how to use it, load it and download it.
  • A transformer with tamiya connector.
  • NIM battery of 1100 milliamps, 9.6 Volts and tamiya connector.
  • A tico tico or fast loader , serves to load the airsoft guns.
  • Cleaning rod to clean the gun barrel.


Soon after starting in the world ofairsoft, most of us realize that it is better to learn every day about the gear and operation of ourairsoft replica.From the first moment in which we get anairsoft gun, and see how maybe the power does not fit the indicated, we already have to do some tweaks.

If you have already gone through some of our previous posts, you will know that the theme of the replicas for Airsoft is quite broad.In this sense, I will show youwhat are the types of replicas for Airsoft and how each one works.Since there is not only an infinity of brands and manufacturers.But in addition, we can also differentiate the replicas according to their operating mechanisms.

Before I begin to know more specifically each of these types, I will briefly mention them according to their appearance in the market.First, the spring replicas for Airsoft were developed.Later, the replicas whose firing mechanism works based on gas or CO2 were added to the market.Finally, and more recently;Replicas whose firing mechanism is powered by an electric motor appeared on the market.Knowing this in advance is very helpful so that we can get a general idea ofwhich type is considered the most sophisticated... or not?

Theairsoft glock 17 replicas Airsoft gasalong with replicas spring;They have lost popularity among sports practitioners.But this is due more to the recent development of electric replicas than to the possible defects that the former may present.

However, gas replicas have earned the loyalty of a considerable number of athletes.Since they have an essential factor that highlights them against the other two types of replicas for Airsoft.I'm talking about the "realism" factor.And it is thatgas replicas are well known for their realism both in appearance and in experience of use.Although in reality, this factor can vary greatly between some brands and others.

Understandinghowthese replicas work is very simple having known the operation of the other two types of replicas for Airsoft.Basically, we are facing a system that uses a battery that provides small discharges of energy to an electric motor.The latter moves gears that, in turn;They are responsible for compressing the piston.Which is propelled forward by a spring when the trigger is pulled?In its trajectory, the piston sweeps the air in front of it and thus drives each ball.

Be it a gun, a machine gun, a rifle or any other variety of marker, the battery is usually housed in the hilt of each.While the engine is housed in the gearbox.Which, at the same time, is usually just below the bedroom?

As for the operation of these replicas we can also mention their shooting modes.And is thatelectric replicas, usually;They have a built-in trigger selector.Thanks to which we can choose between semi-automatic or fully automatic shooting mode.

Advantages of using electric airsoft guns

  • Undoubtedly one of the advantages of using an electric gun is that they barely make noise , so they are perfect to use without anyone detecting us.
  • As we said before, the ambient temperature does not interfere so you can use electric airsoft guns in any situation whether summer or winter without any problem.
  • They shoot at "low" power which limits the range, however, they are perfect for use at close range and thus not hurt our partners.
  • They are usually quite cheap, and extra chargers are also quite cheap.

Conclusions on Airsoft FN Herstal P90 Cyberpunk Desert submachine gun

As we mentioned earlier in the web guide, submachine guns are the perfect weapons to start with since they are all-terrain weapons.

These airsoft 1911 weapons adapt perfectly to the necessary handling of small, fast-acting spaces and without the need for as much precision as are the CQBs as well as slightly wider spaces, since they reach great distances and allow you to change your mouth for longer ones and thus reach longer distances.

As not also thinking about the pocket, these weapons being electric, are usually much cheaper than the Airsoft CO2 or dock weapons (without being so expensive to repair) and without sacrificing power.

So if you are starting in the world of Airsoft and do not know yet what type of game mode or field type you prefer to play our recommendation is this Airsoft weapon.

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