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Umarex Glock 17 Gen4 GBB Blowback 6mm BB Review


Whether you are an experienced firearms enthusiast with a collection that you can boast about, or if you are an inexperienced person who wants to practice at a cheaper and less risky source before finding a gun that fires bullets, guns airsoft glock 17 are fantastic. For those new to the world of airsoft weapons, they are often replicas of real firearms and are usually constructed of heavy plastic, which sometimes includes a metal alloy slider or frame. They are powered by one of three sources: gas (CO2 most of the time), batteries or a spring charger, each offering advantages and disadvantages in terms of accuracy, speed and aiming of each shot. Airsoft guns are also loaded with BB pellets, which are a heavy plastic instead of metal like a bullet, and are much less harmful if someone gets shot. For these reasons, airsoft guns are a fantastic starting point for newbies.

And for those of us who know a firearm or two, airsoft guns are great for aiming and shooting targets with children in the field. U.S. military and police personnel UU. They often also use airsoft guns while undergoing training to reduce the risk of injury.

The original and iconic Glock 17 airsoft sniper revolutionized the handgun market, and in the decades after its introduction, it has been used by military and police forces around the world. The Glock 17 Gen4 is as popular and sought after as the original and is used by the British army. The shooters will appreciate the familiar ergonomics, the disassembly procedure, the metal slide, the 22-round carrying and the realistic recoil action.

The GLOCK 17 replica is functionally identical to the firearm that inspires it and is authorized by Glock. The shooters will appreciate the familiar ergonomics, the disassembly, the sliding of metal, the loader without fall, the realistic recoil action and the improved grip texture.

The airsoft p90 Umarex compressed air gun is part of a new generation of airsoft revolver manufactured under a GLOCK license by Umarex. The advantage of this collaboration lies in the original design and the excellent performance of the guns.

The Glock 2276300 model is the smallest of the Glock series, some would call it a "pocket gun", easy to use / hide under clothing.

This Glock airsoft 1911 gun can be customized with red or IR laser for an excellent training session with our reactive objectives such as IMTTS or Smokeless Range simulator and is available in CO2 or green gas versions. Now you can train exactly as you shoot in the comfort of your own home or office.

A replica of the Glock 17 generation. 4 guns manufactured by Umarex and supplied with 12 g of CO2 capsules. It has an original licensed brand and a unique serial number. Like the original Glock gun, the slide, the barrel, the carrying and the internal parts are made of metal; the frame is made of polymer.

The replica is powered by 12 g CO2 capsules, the capsule chamber is stored in the carrying, the recoil system provides recovery after each shot, after the last slide is placed in the rear position. This replica can also run the green gas carrying for Glock 17.

- The output speed of the replica is 330 FPS, so it is suitable for CQB games.

- Compared to the previous generation, Gen4 has several improvements:

- Extended carrying capture

- Changed the texture of the pistol grip

- Interchangeable grip straps in sizes S, M and L

- Enlarged double-sided thumb trimming

- New marks in the port of expulsion

- The grip texture prevents the hand from sliding, and the white points on the sights make pointing easier, all in accordance with the original glock.

- Airforce air guns has a capacity of 23 BB of 6 mm. It contains a chamber for CO2 12 g capsule. The capsule is squeezed from the bottom of the charger, through the hole of your foot, using an Allen key.

- The replica is also equipped with a 1913 Picatinny Rail rail that allows the installation of a tactical flashlight or a laser sight under the barrel.

It includes:

- Replica

- Easy Carrying

- Two grip straps (the third one is attached to the replica)

- Manual

For a realistic feel of your airsoft gun, take a look at the Umarex XBG airsoft gun made of steel for a heavier feel on your hands, compared to most plastic guns on the market. The metal carrying without drops offers a super fast recharge and works with a single 12-grain C02 capsule that is in the grip. The XBG houses normal steel BBs and will shoot at 410 feet per second. With a front and rear pole, notched sights, a Picatinny rail under the snout and an incredibly comfortable grip, you will feel like the real deal shooting at this guy.

Features included:

  • Lightweight and strong injection molded polymer frame with aluminium alloy slide
  • With full GLOCK license with full roll marks on the slide and molded frame logos
  • Traditional views of GLOCK
  • GLOCK and safety functional trigger
  • Umarex 2276300 Airsoft Pistols Gas texture technology
  • GLOCK accessory rail
  • The Umarex 2276300 Airsoft Pistols Gasis as popular and requested as the original, and is used by the British army and many others.
  • The GLOCK 17 Gen4 soft air gun is functionally identical to the original; developed by airsoft's economical green gas
  • The handles will appreciate the familiar ergonomics, the disassembly procedure, the metal slide, the electrode without falling and the realistic recoil action
  • With agm mp40 can shoot 6mm airsoft plastic balls at a speed of up to 290 fps
  • Excellent for use in airsoft games, target shooting and as a training tool

Benefits of Umarex 2276300 Airsoft Pistols Gas:

The tactical option: The tactical option to switch to a gun is invaluable. A good weapon helps you prevail in close-up shootings. You expose less of your body when you look to shoot with a gun compared to when you use a rifle. If you are an airsoft sniper, a side weapon will be an essential piece of your kit. Your long-range specialty is excellent, but you will be almost useless if the enemy closes. With a gun, you'll be ready to fight.

Solo Guns: If you want to give it a try, you can even choose to leave your rifle in the preparation area. Try to play a game only with your handgun. Those can be very funny. You have to think about your shots before taking them. Your gun will not overtake a medium or long range rifle. However, you get a lot of mobility. With your gun and only a few carrying, you can play as Tom Cruise or James Bond.

Easy in the wallet: An airsoft gun is certainly not an essential piece for a beginner. If you're just getting started, you'll be better off with an airsoft rifle. With it, you will begin to learn the basics of airsoft. That said, high quality guns are less expensive than high quality rifles. If you want a relatively cheap option to try airsoft, a gun may be for you. You will not get the same performance from your handgun, but you can withdraw airsoft without burning your life savings.

Guns Airsoft Outshoot Pistols: Out of the box, your airsoft gun won't beat a rifle. It will take a lot of money and time to even match a rifle. However, that is the thing. It is assumed that a gun does not exceed a rifle. Both are tools for different tasks. It's like asking an Allen wrench to tighten a Phillips head screw. It cannot be done, but that is not the fault of the tool. You want the tool to do something for which it was not created. A gun has strengths and weaknesses just like a rifle.

Carrying Capacity: Another setback for airsoft guns is their carrying capacity. A normal carrying generally has between 12 and 15 rounds. Compare that to the capacity of the rifles, which can have 450 rounds before you need to reload. You will not be able to suppress an angle with your gun because of this.

It only shines in enclosed spaces

You also sacrifice precision and reach. With its short barrel, the projectile will not travel so far. You will definitely not attack another player with your weapon. Anyone at close range should be easy enough to hit. Still, with practice and some jump adjustments, you will be surprised how far your gun can go.

Update process: Upgrade options for some side weapons may also be limited. The parts of the guns are not usually universal. In general, this means that there will be less market support for your handgun. That does not mean there are no options. Only there are fewer options.

Maintenance: Compared to electric guns, airsoft gas guns can be quite delicate. If you don't know how to take care of one, you may have bought attractive money well. Basic maintenance is very useful and easy to learn. Your airsoft retailer will have silicone oil, anti-vibration rods and internal barrel swabs. Learn how to remove the slide from your gun and lubricate the moving parts and seals after each exit. Apply the lubricant to your loaders on the filling and percussion valves and also on the seals. Your wallet will thank you.

Usually, airsoft gun carryings are not more expensive. This is because they are more complex than high and medium capacity AEG journals. Those only have fasteners, springs and gears inside. Nothing complicated However; a gas carrying can have those things, as well as valves, rubber seals and gas chambers. You should also take special care with those carrying. Gas carrying are more delicate than AEG carrying.

Resilience and Reliability: The most important question you should answer is about durability. Will my new airsoft gun last? That is not an easy question to answer. Some manufacturers have a reputation for creating solid equipment. Some are known for making cheap imitations. Even so, along any assembly line, you will find items that fall into the cracks of quality control. We call them "lemons." Even if you have chosen a brand that you know is of high quality, your gun can (and probably will) decompose. This leads us to another of our considerations. You can fix it? You will want a part that has replaceable parts that are easy to find.

glock 17 gen 4 airsoft

Stock performance and updates: What about the performance? Out of the box, you'll want something with precision and built-in power. But remember: snout speed is not equal to accuracy. You will definitely want something with a jump unit. Any gun without one will be less accurate. Nor can you adjust the accuracy. What happens if you want to improve what you have bought? You will want to choose a gun with aftermarket support. If you choose the right model, you will have a wide variety of cosmetic updates. More importantly, you can update things under the hood. This can be a complicated process. Remember that you can extend the guns of most airsoft guns to get a lower boost in accuracy and SPF.

Penny Pinching? You should also consider the price. In glock 19 airsoft, as with many things, you get what you pay for. While you should always look for the best deal, it may not be advisable to buy something that sells for less than $ 100. At the same time, don't assume that the gun with a price closer to $ 200 will be the best option. Again, look for manufacturers you know to make quality equipment.

Miscellaneous Considerations: After that, there are some miscellaneous considerations. If you are left-handed, you will need ambidextrous controls. Do you want your gun to be big, heavy and full of metal? There are options for that. If you have a specific firearm, you may want to buy your airsoft counterpart. Is there any country, police force or action hero you want to imitate? Are you obsessed with a specific model? Consider giving more weight to those options.

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